Bozena Langlerova
Bozena Laglerova
Library of Congress Collection

     Using the Google search engine on "Bozena Laglerova", (1-14-11), you will find about 256 links. Among the most helpful are those which are written in the Czech language.
Božena Láglerová: wonderful woman on the flying machine
     This website is written in Czech, but can be translated into English directly from the link on Google. It provides an indispensable review of her life and career.

Božena Láglerová:
první c(eská aviatic(ka, na kterou se zapomne(lo
     This website, written in Czech, does provide three beautiful photographs of Bozena as well as an extensive review of her life and career.
     For those of us who don't read Czech, you can obtain a machine-translated version by clicking on the link below:

English Version

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