I need a photo of him. If you can help, please contact me.

Who's Who
American Aeronautics

1st Lieut. Air Corps/ born, Newark, N. J., Sept. 23,k 1896; Rutgers College, 1916 to 1917.
     Aeronautical Activities and War Service: Flying cadet, Dec. 1, 1917 to March 14, 1918; A. E. F., from 5th May, 1918 to Aug. 17, 1919; 14th Bombing Sqdn., April 1923 to Oct. 20, 1921; and Photo Section 1922; 96th Sqdn., Bombing, Dec. 1923; with Composite air Squadron, Sesqui-Centennial, Philadlephia, June to Oct. 1926; 34th School Sqdn., March Field, Calif., June 1927 to date.
     Flying Rating Reserve Military Aviator March 20, Airplane Pilot, Jun. 14, 1920
     Present Occupation 1st Lieut. Air Corps. Address: 26A Fulton St., Bloomfield, N. J.

via email from Bruce Pates, 8-17-10

Aviator Alfred Lindeburg was married to my Great Great Aunt, Vivian Pates. Vivian was an actress and stage performer, who appeared in several silent films circa 1912- 1914. They had at least one child, Myles Frederick Lindeburg. They divorced in 1947 in Dade County, Florida. Vivian died in 1963 in Florida.

It's possible that Myles is still alive, as he was born in 1937. He lived in San Antonio, TX, and may currently be in Muscle Shoals, AL, although this information is fifteen years old.

Hope this helps.

Good hunting!

Bruce Pates

via email from Asisan Leeann Lindeburg Baker, 8-13-11
Hello Mr. Cooper,

I found this website in doing some search on my family. I am the daughter of Myles F. Lindeburg the son of Alfred Lindeburg and Vivian Pates.

I don't know how much more info I can offer but I am really interested in possibly getting in touch with Bruce Pates who would be my distant cousin. He had his information correct as far as my father still living and living in San Antonio, Texas. He doesn't live in Muscle Shoals, Alabama however my younger brother does who has the name of Myles R. Lindeburg as well as my mother. My parents divorced several years ago and mother moved back home to Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

My father has been vague with info on his family and I have never met any of his family. I would love to trace back my family and possibly find other Lindeburgs and Pates.

If you could possibly pass on my email to Mr. Bruce Pates or send me contact information it would greatly appreciated. If my brother and I discover more information that would be helpful to your site we will sure pass it on. As I said we are searching since we know very little ourselves.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your reply.

Many Blessings, Asisan Leeann Lindeburg Baker

Perhaps you can help me. I'm looking for biographical information on an early aviator, WW1 through WW2, named, Alfred Lindeburg, and he is listed in the, 1925 Who's Who in American Aviation. So far, I've found out that he's buried in Arlington National Cemetery, 1897 to 1962.
I'd greatly appreciate any help that you can offer, or possibly steer me in the right direction. Thanks!
Ron Card
Editor's Note: If you can help Ron with his search, please contact him through me. I will forward your message to him.

Alfred Lindeburg is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, 1897 to 1962
via email from Ron Card, 9-17-05
Editor's Note:
If you have any more information on this pioneer aviator
please contact me.
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