Collection of Carlos Eduardo Porto, 5-23-06
     Hello, my name is Carlos Eduardo Porto and I'm brasilian.
     I am airomodelist and I'm fan of the histories about pilots and airplanes. I've see your site and I appricciate it very much.
     Antonio Locatelli, in our history registration has been pass by Tijucas a city in Santa Catarina State in south of Brasil. In 1919 he flew (reide) from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro and he had an accident falling into the city (Tijucas). And we have some interesting histories about Locatelli if you want some we can send fortuitouly.
     On June 11, 2006, Tijucas will have the city's party and so Locatelli will be homaged as a important person for the history of Tijucas.
     I'm sending some picture form the reply I made of the ANSALDO SVA5.
     Here i'm send to you the Major of Tijucas's e-mail:
Thanks for your attention
Carlos Eduardo Porto

Anteprima dell'Ansaldo A.1 Balilla restaurato dal GAVS Torino
     This very informative website was suggested to me by Gio Columbus who described it as follows:

     There is very interesting site (in Italian) with beautiful pictures of the original restored SVA of Antonio Locatelli. Once on the page, double click each of the blue words. Under the he words "motore Austro Daimler" you could find the picture of an Austro Daimler Engine a Locatelli's war prey from a shot down Austrian airplane. Next days I'll try to go to the hall where the plane is showed, to get some pictures of it, but I fear that they just removed it.
     I forgot to say that Locatelli had a lot of other interests. He was also a great photographer and explorer.His sister Rosetta, (she's 98 old and still alive!!!!), donated the collection of his articles and letters to the Angelo Maj library in Bergamo. In the Angelo Maj library there is also the collection of the pictures of his journeys.
     Now I'm a little bit busy, but I promise to write you soon, hopefully with good news, and maybe I'll try to call you."

     You can obtain a machine-translated version into English by clicking on Systran and following the directions after copying this URL

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Under Restoration
Collection of Carlos Eduardo Porto, 5-23-06

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