Carola Lorenzini
Morón Airfield, Buenos Aires, 1938
Collection of Angel Martini
Carola Lorenzini & Raquel Collins
Left to Right: Carola Lorenzini, Unidentified, Raquel Collins, Unidentified
Collection of Angel Martini
     This photo, which was extracted from the one above, shows in more detail Carola Lorenzini and Raquel Collins, the mother of Angel Martini. Raquel, who was an intimate friend of Carola, was recently interviewed by her son Angel. Her recollections are a bit hazy, but she recalls the following:
"Carola was a very kind and simple person with everyone. A marvelous woman. The pictures were taken at the Moron airfield, Buenos Aires. The signature on the second photograph is Carola's mechaninc, a German by the name of Kurt. I don't recall his surname."
      Angel Martini intends to continue the interview in the near future, (10-13-03).
Carola Lorenzini
     Carola may be seen kneeling in the front row, the fifth person from the left.
The photo at the top of this page is an enlargement from this photograph.
Angel's mother, Raquel Collins, may be located by the tiny label.
Collection of Angel Martini

Carola Lorenzini
Left to Right: José Negrotti, María Gisler de Negrotti, Unknown,
Josefina Negrotti, Carola Lorenzini, Raúl Horacio Negrotti & Unknown
Collection of Luís Negrotti
Via email from Luís Negrotti, 11-12-03
Estimado Sr. Cooper:
Mis Padres, José Negrotti y María Gisler de N., fueron buenos amigos de Carola Lorenzini y de su grupo de colegas. Esta fotografía fue tomada en Morón, en 1938. Es una foto de buena calidad y la he mejorado, minimamente con Photoshop. En ella se ven, de izquierda a derecha, a mi padre, mi madre embarazada de mi, una desconocida con su brazo sobre mi hermana Ma. Josefina (Usando casco y antiparras de Carola), así como mi hermano, Raúl Horacio, (a quién Carola abraza contra si misma) y finalmente, un señor desconocido.
Es una fotografía de buena calidad, evidentemente tomada por un profesional, y es interesante observar las figuras en segundo plano, de las que no tengo ninguna información. Como comprenderá, no tengo memoria personal de Carola, sólo era un niño pequeño a su muerte, pero en mi familia su recuerdo fue siempre uno de los recuerdos más cargados de afecto y admiración. Tanto así como para que hoy, a mis 64 años, pensara en poner "Carola Lorenzini" en un buscador de Internet, encontrar su sitio y sentir deseos de compartir ésta imágen.
Le agradezco el buen momento pasado.
Luis Negrotti
Dear Mr. Cooper:
My Parents, José Negrotti and Maria Gisler de N., were good friends of Carola Lorenzini and her group of colleagues. This photograph was taken in Morón, in 1938. It is a photo of good quality and I have improved it slightly with Photoshop. In it are seen, from left to right, my father, my mother, (pregnant with me), a stranger with her arm on my sister Ma. Josefina (wearing helmet and goggles of Carola), as well as my brother, Raul Horacio, (who Carola embraces against herself) and finally, an unknown gentleman. The photograph is of good quality, evidently taken by a professional, and it is interesting to observe the figures in background, of whom I have no information. As it can be appreciated, I do not have a personal memory of Carola, as I was only a small boy at the time of her death, but in my family, her memory was always recalled with affection and admiration. So today, at 64 years of age, I thought it was about time to put "Carola Lorenzini" into a search engine on the Internet. I found your site and decided to share this image with you and your visitors.
I thank for this good moment, recalled from the past.
Luis Negrotti

Carola Lorenzini
Carola Lorenzini
Carola Lorenzini and Focke Wulf 44-J.
Issued November 24, 2001
Collection of Angel Martini
     These two links were suggested to me by Angel Martini. (10-13-03) They don't relate directly to Carola Lorenzini, but the do serve to introduce the story of the beginnings of aviation in Argentina, which is fascinating in its own right.
Historia de Globos y Aviones en el Gran Buenos Aires
Por Martín A. Cagliani
Artículo publicado en la revista Circulo de la Historia, Nº 45, diciembre 1999.
Bajo el título "De globos y aviones".
     This website offers a very nice revue of the development of aviation in Argentina from the first balloon flights in 1856 to the first flights of airplanes from 1910 to 1945. If you can read Spanish, you can access the original article by clicking on the title above.
     If you need the article in English, I have found that it is too long to be translated by Babel Fish, but the Systan program will handle it and will translate the whole page. To use that feature you click on the title above and once there copy the URL. Next, come back here, click on the title below which will take you to the Systran homepage and then paste the URL into the appropriate box. Then select Spanish to English, click the "Translate" button, and it will be done.

     Sorry it is so complicated, but if you are interested, it is worth the effort.

Sitio Oficial de la
     This is the homepage of the Argentine Air Force and it offers a number of features, including the history of aviation in Argentina from 1810 to 1996. If you click on the tiny brown picture of an airplane at the far left of the page, you will be taken to the History page. There you will find sub-sections devoted to Sinopsis Historico, Efemerides, Bibliotecas, Titulares de la F.A.A., Museo Nacional, Acto Inaugural, Sinopsis, Exposicion and Ubicacion. If you can read Spanish, you can access the site by clicking on the title above. If you need the information in English, it is a bit more complicated. For example, if you go to the History page and copy the URL, you can paste it into the Babel Fish program and it will return the page in English. The machine-translation is awkward as usual, but does serve the purpose.

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