Flavius Loudy
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Flavius E. Loudy

     If you search for "Flavius E. Loudy", using the Google search engine, (9-15-04), you will find about five links. Unfortunately, two which used to be accessable and were quite interesting, have become obsolete. (9-16-04)

The Frank Coffyn Collection : Wright Model B hydroaeroplane
     This page features five photographs of the aeroplane which are interesting in themselves. In addition, there is a paragraph of information on the plane which includes the fact that it was: "wrecked by Flavius E. Loudy in Barton's Pond near the University of Michigan on the first flight of the University's aero club." You can access the page by clicking on the title above.
     While on the site, I heartily recommend that you sample some of the many other photographs and stories which are available on this remarkable website.

Flavius E. Loudy
     This page on Carroll Gray's Early Birds website offers a very interesting photograph of Flavius in full flying costume. You can access the page by clicking on the title above.
     If you are not already familiar with this resource, you should take advantage of the opportunity to become familiar with it. It is a unique and valuable resource for anyone interested in Early Aviators and Aviation.

Metal Airplane Structures
Metal Airplane Structures
Loudy, Flavius E. Major
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Publisher: New York: Henley, 1938.
Out of print
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Metal airplane structures. A practical and authoritative treatise on the design and construction of the major component parts of various airplanes: discussing the underlying principles of design, materials of construction, structural elements, welded joints, riveted joints, stressed skin design, metal wings, metal beams, fuselage, hull and float design.
By: Flavius Earl Loudy
Publisher: New York, The Norman W. Henley Pub. Co., 1938.
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Page 29 from Metal Airplane Structures
Dornier Flying Boat
Fig. 23.     Dornier Superwal - 2 Rolls Royce Condor Engines

Dornier & Zeppelin
Fig. 24.     Dornier Superwal - 4 Jupiter VIII Engines.
     Dr. Claude Dornier pioneered in the construction of metal flying boats, and their success is attested by the numberous airplanes of this type that he has constructed and the excellent records that they have achieved.
Photos & text courtesy of Richard Loudy, 10-1-04

Flavius E. Loudy died in 1953
From The Early Birds of Aviation
Roster of Members
January 1, 1993

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