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Result From Aviator's Accident at La Crosse, Wis.
Daily Journal and Tribune, Knoxville, Tennessee
September 22, 1911:

"In an aeroplane flight at the Vernon County Fair at Viroqua, Wis., today one of the wings of the machine failed to work after Vangle Ludwig, the aviator, had arisen. The wing dragged along over a row of buggies, striking the horses and causing forty runaways into the crowd of thousands of people. The machine finally came down on top of a buggy and was wrecked. The aviator was badly bruised but not seriously injured."
Editor's Note: This article was found in the archives of the Daily Journal and Tribune by Bob Davis. I thank him for his initiative and for his generosity in sharing it with us on this website.


Using the Google search engine on "Vangle Ludwig, I didn't find any links. Searching for "Vernon County Fair +1911, I found a good link.

I have extracted the following relevant paragraph for your convenience.
     "The fair of 1911 saw some excitement when an "areoplane flight" was scheduled on Thursday. The big attraction brought hundreds to the fair. On the pilot's second attempt the fly machine rose to a dizzying height of 25 feet, and on its premature descent got its wing caught on cart and flipped over. It remained nose-to-the-ground for the remainder of the weekend. An additional ball game was quickly put together to take the place of the attraction-gone-bad. In 1911 fairgoers were privileged to partake of the giant barbecue. A 1,150 pound ox was cooked, yielding more than, 1,000 pieces of well-seasoned meat that were handed out as sandwiches for a nominal charge.
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Vernon County Fair

I don't know the dates of his birth or death.

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