Julien Mamet
Julien Mamet
Julien Mamet in his Blériot
Courtesy of Gregory Powers, 6-4-06

Welcoming De Lesseps after flying from Nottingham
     The second of the two photos which were in my Grandparents possession. I do not have any further information regarding the photographs, except what was written on the reverse - sent in the form of a postcard.
Collection of Jean Holloway, 1-19-05
       Some of Paul de Lesseps' flights were reported in the Nottingham Daily Express on 1 October :
     "M. de Lesseps, one of the aviators engaged at the Burton-on-Trent flying meeting missed his way when flying from Lichfield to Burton, and alighted yesterday afternoon at Colwick Park, Nottingham, after a 35 minutes' thrilling flight at over 60 miles an hour.
     The Frenchman is the first aviator to explore the heavens in the vicinity of Nottingham in an aeroplane, and his appearance from the skies shortly after five o'clock caused no little sensation in the city. He was quoted as follows:

     "This afternoon, I tried to get an altitude record and rose to a great height. I must have missed Burton altogether, for I saw no large town until I came over here and thought it was Burton. I followed the river all the way. When I came down I could not find the aerodrome, and dare not go any further."

     Though M. de Lesseps did not see Burton (which is not surprising considering the great height and the pace he was travelling), he was plainly visible to the thousands of people who were waiting for his arrival at the aerodrome. He appeared overhead at about five o'clock, quite 3 000 feet up, and a great cheer was given. Apparently it did not reach him, for without altering his course he swept over the district and quickly passed from sight.
     His disappearance caused the utmost speculation and sensation. Mamet, who flew up to meet him, returned alone, and much anxiety prevailed until the telephone message arrived telling of the missing airman's safe descent at Nottingham. Motor cars filled with a score of de Lesseps' friends immediately set out, and in an hour they covered the journey it had taken the flying man a third of the time to complete, and conveyed their comrade back to Burton. The aeroplane was covered up and left at Colwick Park.
     Before he left, M. de Lesseps declared that though he had to leave England for Paris tonight, he will travel back from Burton to Nottingham this morning, and, given favourable weather conditions, will make another attempt to fly to the aerodrome.
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Price Paid by Aviators
Sixty-nine Air Heroes Got Medals, Twenty-Nine Deaths
Greatest Amount of Money
Won by Any One Up to December, 1910
Went to Paulham,

Knoxville Journal
Knoxville, Tennessee, April 7, 1911
Transcribed by Bob Davis, 4-3-06
They have pulled the aviation balance sheet for the season just ended. One side is bordered with gold, the other piped with black, said the New York World in an article reviewing the year 1910 and published just before Hoxsey and Moissant met death on the closing day of the year.

From the wide-stretched wings of motor-pushed, man-built birds intrepid flyers have hung the gay emblem of achievement 10,000 feet up in cloudland. Others, reaching but for the stars, have ridden aloft to the music of waving kerchiefs and to fate which has for its finality the funeral wreath on the sodded mound. For every prize there's a price in the hero business. Twenty-nine have paid the price.
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     If you search for "Julien Mamet" +aviation, using the Google search engine, (6-7-06), you will find about 43 links. Many of them offer brief glimpses into his brief life and career, several with photographs, .

Julien Mamet's Blériot
Mamet's Blériot
Courtesy of José Jorge, 6-7-06
Blériot XI
     The photographer, José Jorge, has kindly allowed me to reproduce a copy of his beautiful photo of this replica of the Blériot which Mamet flew in Portugal on April 27, 1910. To enjoy the full-screen version of the photo, click on the title above.
     This photo is only one of many which can be viewed on the AIRPICS.com website by clicking on the title. In addition, you will find sections devoted to: AIRPICS.com, Articles, Forums, Links and Photo Galleries. If time permits, you can find numerous resources of value and interest.

Blériot XI
     This page on the Museu do Ar website shows another view of the replica of the plane in which Julien Mamet flew in Portugal in 1910. It was the first time an aeroplane had flown in that country. The plane is on display in the museum and there is a brief explanation of the event. You can access the site by clicking on the title above.

Arquivo Fotográfico de Lisboa
Suggested by Joao Aldeia, 7-3-07
     In the Arquivo Fotográfico de Lisboa there are 3 photos of Julien Mamet, May 1910, by the famous photographer Joshua Benoliel. If you read Portuguese, you will find a complete description of each of them by clicking on the title above. You will find yourself on the page entitled "sala de leitura." If you put "Mamet" in the box and click in "pesquisar," you will be taken to the page on which the three photographs are available.
      For those who want to view them directly, Joao has kindly shared these links, along with a brief description in English:
Mamet next to the Bleriot airplane
The Bleriot Crashed
Mamet received by the Portuguese authorities:
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A Man of the World
     Gregory Powers alerted me to this brief mention of Mamet in connection with his relationship to Hubert Latham. You may want to use the FIND function on "Mamet" to locate the two mentions of his name. You can access the page by clicking on the title above.

Julien Mamet was born January 24 1877 and died in 1932.
This per Flight Global Champagne| Berceau de l'aviation du Monde.
contributed by Pete Jones, 7-6-10

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