Terah Maroney

     Terah Maroney, Will’s young brother-in-law, helped build the flying machine through this experience, built one of his own planes in Great Falls, Montana. He made his first flight there on July 6, 1911. Maroney continued his interest in planes and decided to make aviation his career. As recounted in "The Story of Boeing", on July 4, 1914, Maroney took William E. Boeing (founder of Boeing Co.), and Mr. Boeing’s friend Lieutenant Conrad Westervelt for their first plane ride. After several flights with Maroney, Mr. Boeing said to Westervelt, "There isn’t much to that machine of Maroney’s. I think we could build a better one." The rest is history!
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Terah Maroney


     On July 4, 1914, pilot Terah Maroney gives airplane rides to William E. Boeing (1881-1956) and U.S. Navy Lieutenant Conrad Westervelt in a small seaplane based on Lake Washington. Inspired by this first taste of flight, Boeing and Westervelt join forces two years later to found what would become the Boeing Airplane Company
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Terah Maroney

  According to Lucy Freeman (great niece) Terah Maroney was killed January 12th, 1929 in East St. Louis when he slipped while prop-starting an airplane. Crushed skull.
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