Thereza de Marzo
Thereza de Marzo
Collection of Lucy Lúpia Pinel Balthazar, 2-4-08
Theresa de Marzo
Pioneer of Brazilian Aviation

     If you search for "Thereza de Marzo", using the Google search engine, (2-5-08), you will find about 74 links. Without question, the most helpful is the following.

Thereza de Marzo
     This website, which was assembled by Lucy Lúpia Pinel Balthazar, a distinguished pilot in her own right, is the definitive revue of her life and career. It offers an extensive biography of her, from her birth in Săo Paulo in 1903 to her death in 1986, and includes a number of previously unavailable photographs. You can access the English version of this outstanding website by clicking on the title above.
      If you read Portuguese, you can access the original version by clicking on the link from that page.
     If time permits, I heartily recommend that you follow the link to Lucy Lúpia´s personal site. You will find a complete revue of her exciting career including the fact that she was the first female Airline Transport Pilot and the first Senior Commercial Pilot in Brazil.
      In addition, you will find many references to Fritz Roesler, Thereza's mentor and later her husband. He was born in Germany and received his license there in 1915. The fascinating story of his career, which was also authored by Lucy Lúpia, can be ejoyed by clicking on:
Fritz Roesler

Pioneiros do Ar
Pioneers of the Air
     If you read Portuguese, you can click on the title above and take full advantage of this new site. You will have access to the stories of some 24 early aviators, including Thereza de Marzo. There are also several other sections, such as Stories, Images, Partners, Links and Events, all of interest to the aviation buff.
     If you need an English translation, it is a little more difficult. After reaching the homepage, click on the "Os Pioneiros" button at the top left of the page, and then choose "Thereza de Marzo." Then, block out and copy the text. Next, go to AltaVista's Babel Fish translation site:

     Once there, Paste the text into the box, set the machine to translate Portuguese to English, push the button and read the translated text in the box. It is a little awkward, but if you are interested, it is well worth the effort.


Thereza de Marzo died in 1986
From Pioneiros do Ar
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