Birthplace and Cradle of British Aviation
Founding Fathers
Founding Fathers at Muswell Manor 4th May 1909

The 'Founding Fathers' in the above picture are standing outside of Muswell Manor on 4th May 1909, which was their Aero Club 100 years ago next year. For the hundredth year commemoration, we are looking to re-instate the door & apex as it was then with aviation pioneers of today.
from Muswell Manor Holiday Park
Courtesy of Sharon Munns, 6-25-08

Muswell Manor
Birthplace and Cradle of British Sviation

My name is Mrs Munns I own the property called Muswell Manor the Birthplace and Cradle of aviation at Shellness Leysdown and where the worlds first aerodrome and factory was, and the first British man (Moore-Brabazon) in a British Built flew from.

Therefore I am confused why it has been put at Eastchurch? My website is there you will find where aviation in Britain really started.

Yours sincerely

Sharon Munns

     If you search for "Muswell Manor", using the Google search engine, (7-1-08), you will find about 680 links.

Muswell Manor - Aviation History
     Sharon Munns alerted me to this fascinating story of the birth of aviation in Britain. You will find an extensive revue of the history which is summarized on a very detailed timeline. You will find a wealth of information has been assembled and made readily available on this website. You can access the page by clicking on the title.
     If time permits, I heartily recommend that you visit the homepage of the website and enjoy the many other features of the Holiday Park.

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