R.L. Simmons?
Collection of Roy Nagl, 2-28-06

July 9, 1920
     R. L. Simmons of the Hazelwood Company, with Mr. McKenzie as pilot, while on a flight from Portland to Chehalis to fill an engagement, ran out of gas near Castle Rock last Friday.
     As they met adverse winds while crossing the Columbia river, they landed in a field opposite the depot in Castle Rock. After obtaining a supply of gas, they started to ascend, but the crowd interfered.
     Being afraid of injuring someone, the flyers veered to the west, striking a telephone pole and landed in a garden, with the nose of the machine jammed into the residence of Professor Kalmbach.
     The men were badly shaken and received minor cuts and bruises. The plane was wrecked. Mr. Simmons, however, showed his loyal spirit to Chehalis and his word of honor to have a plane here for the Fourth celebration Monday, by at once wiring to Portland, and another plane was at once sent to Chehalis to replace the one wrecked. Mr. Simmons will keep the new plane, turning in the old one for what it is worth as wreckage.
Newsclipping from the Chehalis Bee-Nugget
July 9, 1920

Courtesy of Karen L. Johnson, 12-3-04

I have no information as to the dates of his birth or of his death.

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