1898- 1960
Garner McQuown
Garner McQuown, 1925
Photo Courtesy of Jack McQuown

via email from Thomas H. McQuown, 6-26-04
     Garner McQuown was born July 30, 1898 in Hardin County, Ohio. He died in February 1960, in Butler, Augusta County, Kansas. He is buried in Dunkirk Cemetery, Dunkirk, Ohio.
     He married Vera Mae Woodmency who was born in Dunkirk, Ohio and died in Monterey Park, Calif. Their children were Jack Spencer McQuown and Robert McQuown. They are descendents of David Samuel McQuown, a son of Laurance and Jean McQuown who came to York County, Pa. from Ireland c1764.
     Hope this helps you. It was nice to see Garner McQuown so well represented.

Garner McQuown
Garner McQuown
Photo Courtesy of Jack McQuown
     Aviator's Certificate signed by committee members,
Orville Wright and B. Russell Shaw.

The date of his death is unknown

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