Early Birds Everywhere---Attention!
Chairman, 1936 Annual Reunion

       What promises to be one of the most memorable annual reunions of all time, and that is saying a mouthful, is being planned by E.B.'s in Southern California for you. Drawing on the resources of the Southland, which leads America, and the world in some respects, in aviation activities from manufacture to student training, members of the local nest are planning a bang up time---and that does not mean a crash.

     Every E. B. who can beg, borrow or steal a ride West or South is hereby extended not only an official invitation to come and be a guest of Los Angeles members, but the warmest of personal invitations from myself and everyone of us here.
     What a time we are going to have. The Southern California Nest will be host to all visiting Early Birds. For the first time your Reunion Committee has been able to get the full cooperation of the air race management early enough in advance to arrange for a very comprehensive program.
     Friday, September 4, has been officially designated as Early Birds Day at the National Air Races. Among important events scheduled for the afternoon are the finishes of the Bendix Race and the Ruth Chatterton Transcontinental Derby. At four o'clock in the afternoon the Early Birds will be given a spot on the program, and a suitable ceremony is being planned.
     Your committee has arranged with the air race management for a complimentary season pass fo each member of the Early Birds who properly registers at the Early Bird's Day will be available for attending Early Bird's wife. A silk arm band bearing the inscription "Early Bird Guest, National Air Races, 1936" will be issued to each Bird. This, together with his pass, will entitle him to roam at will, with the exception of the infield which is controlled by the Department of Commerce. We are working on that angle and will have more to report later. Real Early Bird caps will be made available in the form of the large checkered variety so reminiscent of Early Bird exhibition days.
     The Clark Hotel, 426 South Hill Street, Los Angeles, where "Bird" Bud Morriss holds forth as manager, will be the Early Birds' headquarters. For the past two years he has generously maintained club rooms for Early Birds at his hostelry, and these club rooms will be the official meeting place and registration center. We are arranging for a banquet at the Writer's Club in Hollywood for Sunday night, September 6. We are also soliciting the cooperation of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Writer's Guild, and some of the major studios in an attempt to have a party as yet unsurpassed in Early Bird annuals. It is urged that all Early Birds make every effort to be in attendance.
     The air race management has the most comprehensive program entailing over $60,000 in prizes, which has been attempted in many years of national air racing. With many new racing jobs being completed it is anticipated that the show this year will surpass any previous one by far. It behooves every Early Bird to make every effort to get to Los Angeles by September 4, and your committee assures you that the Los Angeles Nest is planning big things for your entertainment.
courtesy of Steve Remington - CollectAir

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