Pacific Coast EB Meeting, 1969
  Front row L to R: Mms. Carter, Babb, Doolittle, Spaatz, Howard, Barcoff, Condor, West, "Tiny" Broadwick, Wysong, Balsley and Batts.
Back row L to R: Ralph Carter, William Barcoff, Benny Howard, Charles West, Carl Batts, Carl Spaatz, Leo Kimball, Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Squier, Waldo Waterman, Denham Scott, Ivan Wheaton, Forrest Wysong, Howard Heindell and Ira Proffitt.


The Champagne Room of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel was the setting for a dinner held December 7, 1968 which was arranged by Ralph B. Carter, Central Pacific Area Chairman.
     Representing the Early Birds were Carl and Wanda Batts, "Tiny" Broadwick, Ralph and Natalia Carter, Tom F. Hamilton, Howard Heindell, Leo Kimball, Ira Proffitt, Carl and Ruth Spaatz, Waldo Waterman, Charles and Helen West, Ivan Wheaton, and Forrest and Marion Wysong.
     Carl Batts acted as master-of-ceremonies, and introduced the following guests; Mrs. Blanche Babb, widow of Charlie Babb; Mrs. Miriam Balsley, widow of Early Bird H. Clyde Balsley, Mr. and Mrs. William Barcoff; Mrs. Betty Condor, sister-in-law of Leo Kimball; Mrs. James Doolittle, wife of the famous Jimmy Doolittle; Mr. and Mrs. Benny Howard; Mr. and Mrs. Denham Scott and Mrs. June Squier, widow of Gen. Carl Squier.
     Mr. Barcoff related a number of his parachute experiences. Some of them really bordered on tragedy but the way he told of them, they seemed excruciatingly funny. He kept the group laughing during all of his episodes. Waldo Waterman next related some of his experiences and soon the entire group joined in with their reminiscenses. Altogether it was a very successful affair.
     Ralph Carter was so pleased with the outcome of his efforts, that he has announced his intentiion of promoting another get-to-gether on February 21st, when General Spaatz will next visit Los Angeles. At that time it is planned to have Dr. Robert Knutson of the University of Southern California present with his tape recorder in order to preserve the stories of the Early Birds and their guests.
From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP, January, 1969, Number 75

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