Reinhart & Mendell  
     July 12, 1929. California endurance flyers Loren W.Mendell and Pete Reinhart boosted the Cleveland mark to 246 hours. Flying a biplane, the Angeleno, they had beaten the record by more than 70 hours. A large crowd, conspicuous only by the absence of their estranged wives, turned out to see the landing at Culver City. Mendell's wife was suing for divorce.
     What followed was a large banquet at the Biltmore Hotel with some 300 guests attending. Local Army and Navy brass were on hand along with the news media. Even cowboy philosopher Will Rogers made an appearance. As a reward for a job well done, the Buhl company gave them a new Airsedan biplane. The Wright engine people chipped in $1,000 and they also signed on for a number of vaudeville stage performances.
Photo and Text From Russell Plehinger's MARATHON FLYERS
via email from Deborah Cole, 5-30-05
Grandaughter of Loren Mendell
     In beginning a search for information about my grandfather, an early aviator, I came across a review you had written about Marathon Flyers. There is an entry mentioning my grandfather as well as a photograph. I have just ordered the book.
     At any rate, in your review, you mention that your wife was writing/had written a book about her father. This is my intent as well! Can you or your wife give me any direction as to where I might find information on early aviators? I had previously written the Smithsonian with no luck. I seem to have found more info just on the internet.
     I managed to locate where he was buried and visited the site (in LA last year). Any assistance would be most welcome.
Deborah E. Cole
(granddaughter of Loren W. Mendell)
Editor's Note: I have made several suggestions to Deborah as to how she might proceed to find more information regarding the life and career of her grandfather. If you can offer any help to her, please contact her through an email to me.

     If you search for "Loren Mendell" +aviation, using the Google search engine, (6-2-05), you will find two links.

BUHL CA-3D Sport Airsedan 1929
     This page on KO Eckland's Aerofiles website offers an entry which describes this plane, piloted by Loren Mendell. You may want to use the FIND function on "Mendell" to locate the entry on the page. You can access the page by clicking on the title.
Death In The Uintas
Japanese Flier's Dream Shattered In Mountains
by Harold Schindler
     This article on the website of the Salt Lake Tribune website offers a single sentence which mentions Mendell and Reinhart. However, if time permits, I think you will find the article to be interesting in itself. It begins with this introductory paragraph:
Masashi Goto was thirty-two and bursting with pride as he eased his biplane in for a landing at the Salt Lake Municipal Airport. He was on the early legs of a flight that would carry him across the United States, then across Europe to Asia and finally to the islands of Japan. It was a beautiful morning?July 4, 1929?and as Goto rolled the craft to a stop and switched off the ignition, he could take satisfaction in his achievement thus far.
You can access the page by clicking on the title.

     If you search for "Loren W. Mendell", using the Google search engine, (6-2-05), you will find just one link at this time. It is to an article on the Buhl Company on my other website, Pioneer Pilot. I have placed a copy of the relevant portion of that article at the top of this page.

Marathon Flyers

by Russell Plehinger
Product Details
Hard Cover: 192 pages; 9x11 inches
List Price: $27.00
Special Price: $17.00, pp
Publisher: Harlo Press, 50 Victor,
Detroit, Michigan, 48203
ISBN: 0818701129
Availability: Direct from the author, $17.00, postpaid.
Russell Plehinger
4550 Duerr Road,
Orchard Park, New York 14127
     My wife Jo purchased an autographed copy of this book while she was writing her book about her father, a Pioneer Pilot. She found that Russell had included the story of the endurance flight of her dad, Walter E. Lees, which he and Frederick A. Brossy set in 1931 in a Diesel-Powered Bellanca.
     I first began to use it when I started to build my Early Birds of Aviation website. I have found it to be a very valuable resource in that it lists hundreds of early aviators, details more than 300 endurance flights of the 20's and 30's and includes some 350 priceless photos to illustrate their record-setting exploits.
     In the case of Loren W. Mendell, you will find it to be a most valuable resource. It references his career on 15 separate pages and offers a number of very nice photographs to illustrate the text. I recommend it to you without hesitation.
Ralph S. Cooper, D.V.M.

  Reinhart & Mendell  

JANUARY 12, 1935
Photo from Deborah Cole, 6-2-05
If you have any more information on this pioneer aviator
please contact me.
E-mail to Ralph Cooper

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