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Raphael Sergius De Mitkiewicz (pronounced Mit Kay witz) is, like many in his family, an enigma. I know of him as a casualty as I have been in search of his brother Ivan's heirs for some months now. My current trail ends with his sister in law, Raphael's wife, Winifred De Mitkiewicz, who, according to Social Security, died in Ridge, Suffolk County, New York in 1982. I have no trace of the family after that. No will, no probate, no burial, nada. Should you come across this story, and know some of the details or have any questions, I can be found at anorchard@yahoo.com. I believe there is some serious money coming to the heirs. I need them in order to get my mothers share of a 1935 partnership. But you're here to read about the aviatorů.

Raphael was born to Count Eugene Stanislaus De Mitkiewycz and Carolyn Lester 18 April, 1884 in Washington, D.C. The "Count" may or may not have been royal but he did do jail time for fraud in England prior to emigrating to the United States. The last name is Polish but his children all claimed him to be from Russia on their census forms. His first child, also Caroline, seems to have been born in Russia, apparently while her mother was visiting with her father.

Carolyn, the daughter of a Rochester, New York, banker couldn't quit the Count in spite of the words and will of her parents. Carolyn and the Count married, lived the high life, constantly borrowing money from her parents and family. They are on record of being sued for nonpayment of the house furniture. Countess Carolyn, after five children, died in 1885. Her parents took the children while the Count went on entertaining the world in Washington and later, in New York City, marrying two more times in the process. Interestingly, I can find that only one of his six children, had any of their own. Ivan De Mitkiewicz and his wife Kate had a boy, Sergius, who died at the age of five.

Raphael was the fourth born of five, as far as I am aware, that the Count had by Carolyn. At the age of 29, it appears that he married Elizabeth Dyer Taylor only to have her pass within the year. The 1930 US census records him as a stock broker living with his other sister Laurl in New York City. In 1936, at the age of 52, he marries Winifred Dolan, age 26, daughter of Mrs. Joseph Allen Dolan, Katherine. Winifred Dolan's sister in law, Mrs. James A. Dolan, served as matron of honor. In 1940, census records show Raphaels living with his wife's family in New York City and working as an investments broker. His World War II draft card is available and for the effort he inspected aircraft engines.

Draft Card
Contributed by Anthony Orchard, 12-12-12

       Raphael Sergius de Mitkiewicz, FAI pilot 570, of Aug. 30, 1916, former First Lieutenant RFC in World War I, died May 29, 1946, after almost a year's sickness. He was born April 18, 1884, at Washington. For the past two years he had been with the Air Force procurement and was head inspector of engines at Curtiss-Wright.
     His experience in aereonautics began with Leo Steven's airship at Manhattan Beach in 1905.
AUGUST, 1946 - PESCO, CLEVELAND, OHIO - 1 Number 34
Courtesy of Steve Remington at COLLECTAIR

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