I need a photo of the plane. 
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from The Early Birds
Application for Membership
Collection of Cheryl Moore, 2-2-05
     According to the information found in his application for membership in the Early Birds organization, his work in aeronautics began in 1903 at Washington, D.C. He first soloed in 1910 in Washington at the Bennings Racetrack in a "Moore Plane." The following is the only description of the plane which I have found.
"The Adams Farwell rotating automobile engine, 5 cyl., 50 hp., variable compression, was remodeled and put into the Moore airplane at Washington and flown at Bennings racetrack by Mr. Moore."
     A search for "Bennings Track" using Google, (2-2-05) revealed one relevant link. The following is a copy of the information:
A half mile horse track was built outside Bennings (between the present Hayes and Jay Streets) in 1885, and was first used for car racing on the 5th September 1905. It was used through until 1937, when the Jockey Club abandoned the track, and it was subsequently built upon."

     If you have any more information on the Moore plane, please contact me.

Dornier Flagschiff Do X
Dornier Flagschiff Do X - 1929
     This picture of the Dornier Flying Boat was found in the collection of R. S. Moore.
Collection of Cheryl Moore, 2-2-05

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