Stuart Morgan

     Greetings to the following new members elected July 10, 1930. Among them you will find some long-lost bird who is still in the ring and going strong.
     Stuart A. Morgan, 1612 Confederate Ave., Richmond, Va., with Dept of Commerce at Boston. He began wiith gliders at the Wittemann school in 1911.
from CHIRP - Bulletin 6 - HOTEL CARLTON, WASHINGTON, D.C. - 1 August, 1930
courtesy of Steve Remington - CollectAir

       Lt. Col. Stuart Alexander Morgan, USAF Ret. passed away in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, January 5, 1975. He was born in Richmond, Va. September 23, 1893
He learned to fly on Staten Island, N.Y., and soloed July 4, 1913. During 1914-1916 he was test pilot for some of the planes and gliders of pioneer manufacturer, Charles R. Wittemann.
     When Word War I came, he joined the U.S. Army Aviation Section and was assigned to the School of Military Aeronautics at Cornell University. He spent 1918 as flying instructor at Kelly Field, Texas with the rank of Second Lieutenant. After the war he became a barnstormer, real estate broker and part time Army Aviator, since he kept his reserve officer duty by spending two weeks on active duty each year at Langley Field, Va.
     Just before World War II in 1940, returned to active duty as Base Operations Officer at Langley Field. In 1942, he was Executive Officer at Dow Field, Bangor, Maine and the following year as air support representative on the Air Forces Equipment Board at Orlando, Florida. During 1944 and 1945 he was director of air support of the 9th TAC-ETO in Europe. He retired in 1947 and engaged in real estate developements.
     He is survived by his wife, Franke B. Morgan; a sister, Mrs. A. Lee Proctor of Atlanta and several nieces and nephews.
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