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Photo Courtesy of Policia Militar

     If you search the net for "João Negrão" +JAHU, using Google, you will find about 31 links. Perhaps the most useful one is:
Quem foi João Negrão
     On this page you will find a nice summary of his career, which includes two photographs, one of him as a Lieutenant in the 1920's, (see above), and one of the famous aeroplane, the Jahu, in which he flew as part of the crew from Italy to Brazil in 1927.
     This article is just one of the many which are to be found on the website of the Policia Militar which is headquartered in the state of São Paulo in Brazil. If time permits, I think you will be interested in learning more about the other many offerings on the site.
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João Negrão

by Julian Oller
     This article, which is to be found on the website of the Latin American Aviation Historical Society, LAAHS, offers a very readable and concise story of the epic flight of João Ribeiro de Barros and his crew, which included João Negrão. It includes an important and comprehensive review of four earlier attempts to cross the Atlantic. You can acccess it by clicking on the title above.
     While you are on the site, I highly recommend that you take advantage of the many other resources which are available. You will find that the LAAHS is a very valuable resource and offers many features of interest.

Travessia do Atlantico

by Oswaldo Brandão Tóffano
     Mais do que uma necessidade, é um dever cuidar do nome e do grande feito do conterráneo Comandante João Ribeiro de Barros. Escrevi e lancei um livro a seu respeito. Conheci e tornei-me amigo do grande Joãosinho. Num segundo livro que escrevi a respeito de "JAHU, 147 ANOS DE HISTÓRIA", 200 páginas, recentemente (foi best-seller) inclui a Travessia do Atlántico. Parabens pela sua brasilidade e patriotismo.
Oswaldo Brandão Tóffano atuando como jornalista em Campinas, aos 86 anos, residente da Cidade Universitária, Rua Dr. Heitor Nascimento, 173, Campinas, fone e fax 32893498 Internet Friday, December 27th, 2002 - 02:40:05 PM
     ;Editor's Note: The following is my attempt at translating and expressing the sense of the message above. I plan to improve it with the help of some of my Portuguese-speaking friends.
     More than just a necessity, it is our privilege to preserve the name and the great feat of our fellow countryman, Commander João Ribeiro de Barros. I wrote and published a book, TRAVESSIA DO ATLÂNTICO, which featured his epic journey. I knew and became a friend of the great Joãosinho. In the second book I wrote, "JAHU, 147 ANOS DE HISTÓRIA", I have included the story of the Atlantic Passage. It was recently a best seller.
Congratulations for its Brazilness and patriotism.
Oswaldo Brandão Tóffano, acting as a journalist in Campinas, as 86 years of age,
Resident of Cidade Universitária, Rua Dr. Heitor Nascimento, 173, Campinas,
Phone and fax: 3289-3498
     Editor's Note: This message is to be found on the Dreambook for Project JAHU website. This website, which is something like a "Guestbook", contains some 49 entries. They are all in Portuguese, but a machine-translation into English is easily obtained using the Babel Fish program. For anyone interested in the subject, who only reads English, the results are worth the effort. Even with the handicap of the machine-tranlation, I think you will be able to decipher the entries and you will find them to be of interest.

João Negrão died in 1978

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