Edouard Nieuport
Edouard Nieuport, 1911
Collection of Jean-Pierre Lauwer


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     In Chapter II, MULTIPLICITY OF IDEAS, of this online book, you will find the reference to Edouard Nieuport who in 1909 produced a monoplane with a very large body which almost completely enclosed the pilot and made the machine very fast. You can access this chapter by clicking on:
Edouard Nieuport

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La société des moteurs Gnôme

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     "Edouard Nieuport a commencé à voler sur un biplanVoisin fin 1909. Début 1910, il crée à Suresnes (Hauts-de-Seine) avec des collaborateurs un premier monoplan,mais l'usine est inondée par les crues de la Seine. Nieuportdéménage ses ateliers aéronautiques à Mourmelon au prin-temps 1910 et y crée un second monoplan avec lequel il ob-tient son brevet de pilote le 10 juin. A Reims pour la se-conde grande semaine d'aviation, Nieuport prépare troismonoplans à moteurs légers Anzani et Darracq, mais unseul est présenté par son constructeur. Le 10 décembre, lelieutenant de Caumont, son principal bailleur de fonds, setue. La société Nieuport manque de disparaître."
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     "Edouard Nieuport began to fly in a Voisin biplane at the end of 1909. At the beginning of 1910, he built, with the help of collaborators, his first monoplane at Suresnes (the Top-of-Seine). Unfortunately the factory was flooded out by the Seine. Nieuport combined his aeronautical workshops with Mourmelon in the spring of 1910 and created a second monoplane with which he obtained his pilot's licence on June 10. In Rheims for the second great week of aviation, Nieuport built troismonoplans with lAnzani and Darracq light engines, but unseul is presented by its manufacturer. December 10, lelieutenant of Caumont, his principal backer, setue. The Nieuport company misses disappearing."

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     Our company has published a book on the Nieuport company. In this book, I have written the biography of Nieuport and the story (shortened) of his early monoplanes. What is said on your site is inaccurate and sometimes totally wrong. (Les Avions Nieuport, Docavia, Editions Lariviere, 9 allée Jean Prouvé 92587 Clichy Cedex, France. 45,58 Euros + Postage)
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"Le Fana de l’Aviation is one of most significant monthly magazines of history of aviation in Europe. Published 12 times per annum, it is famous for the quality of its analyses and its syntheses, the richness of its iconography, and its absence of party taken. It treats without complex of all the times and all the kinds with authors of the whole world. It publishes 2 except series per annum. He are associated the collection with books of history of Docavia aeronautics, and the series of the monographic booklets Minidocavia."

By email from Dave Lam, 1-25-03
     Born August 24, 1875 at Blidah (Algeria). Earned French License # 105, June 10, 1910 in a Nieuport. Dave

Nieuport died in a crash in 1911.

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