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Local Motor-Powered Plane
Arrives Here From Virginia

Pilot Henry Noll, Accompanied by Frank Moore, Son
Of Engine Designer, Steers Craft From Virginia to Schultzville

     Flying a Kreider-Reisner C-4 plane powered iwth a motor manufactured by General Airmotors company, Scranton, Henry Noll, pilot at the Scranton airport, Schultzville, and Frank Moore, son of R. S. Moore, designer of the motor, arrived yesterday afternoon at the Avington Hills field after a three-hour hop from Hoover field, Va.
     The fliers left the Virginia airport at 1:10 p.m., and landed at the local field at 4:20 p.m., slightly more than three hours. Noll was at the controls throughout the flight and averaged a speed of eighty-five miles an hour. One stop was made, the local men grounding at Harrisburg to examine the oil.
     Officials of the General Airmotor concern were present at the field when the plane landed. Noll were enthusiastic over the trials of the motor and R. B. McClave, vice-president announced to the little group that the navy department had purchased three motors.
     R. S. Moore announced yesterday in Washington that the fifty-hour test in compliance with government aeronauutic regulations had proved the motor as unquestionably reliable and airworthy.

     If you search for "Henry T. Noll", using the Google search engine, (2-8-05), you won't find any links. However, I am aware of one website which offers some very interesting information.
Our Centre County Neighbors
     This page on the Bellefonte Through The Years website offers an extensive history of the Noll family. It includes a brief, but helpful mention of Henry T. Noll in the fifth installment which is dated March 20 & 21, 1936. The following is an extract of that part of the article which refers to his life and career.
".....Henry T., who enjoys the distinction of being one of the state's pioneer aviators, having been flying for more than 12 years, and conducting an aviation school here at home,....."
     You can read the whole article by clicking on the title above.

I have no information as to the dates of his birth or death.
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