Charles Nungesser
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The Unfinished Flight of the White Bird
by Gunnar Hansen
©Yankee Magazine, June 1980
     This webpage on the TIGHAR website offers the most comprehensive revue of the flight and loss of the White bird which I have found. Actually I was alerted to it by Bob Mills who has just written a new book The Lindbergh Syndrome: Heroes and Celebrities in a New Gilded Age, which was first inspired by three expeditions he had joined (with TIGHAR) in Maine, seeking the remains of The White Bird. You can find more details regarding his book in the "Recommended Reading" section below.
     You can access the fascinating story of the White Bird by clicking on the title above.

     This page offers a very comprehensive revue of his life and career. It displays two photographs, one a portrait of him, the other a painting of the Nieuport he flew in WW I. It also offers numerous links to sites which expand on some of the more important subjects in his story.
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Charles Nungesser
     This page on the "Spartacus Schoolnet" website offers a revue of his life and exploits, with special attention to his service in WW I in which he achieved third place among the French Aces with 43 victories. In addition, it has links to biographies of René Fonck, the number one ace with 75 victories, George Guynemer, number two with 53 victories and to a list of 22 of the top French Flying Aces.
     It also offers three revues worthy of note as follows:
1. Charles Nungesser, French Air Service, Medical Record (1918)
2. Citation, Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur (4 December 1915)
3. Officier de la Légion d'Honneur (19 May 1918)
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     This page on the NUMA, (National Underwater and Marine Agency), website revues the three search expeditions for the White Bird, the aircraft flown by Nungesser & Coli, who vanished on transatlantic flight in 1927. October, 1984.
     You can access the page by clicking on the title above.

Lindbergh Syndrome
The Lindbergh Syndrome
Heroes and Celebrities
in a New Gilded Age,
Robert Lockwood Mills
Product Details
Paperback: 260 pps.
List Price: $13.57
Publisher: Fenestra Books, June 2005
ISBN: 1587364735
"The Lindbergh Syndrome: Heroes and Celebrities in a New Gilded Age explores the political, media, and cyclical forces that converged at the moment Charles Lindbergh landed a tiny plane, Spirit of St. Louis, at Le Bourget Field in Paris in 1927. It asks, "Why did Lindbergh, a reluctant hero to begin with, become the most charismatic personality of his era, against his will, merely for what he regarded as a scientific accomplishment? Why, in the starkest contrast, did Neil Armstrong, upon returning from the 1969 moon landing, become an anonymous citizen, who at all times has been granted the privacy Lindbergh was denied?"
Editor's Notes
Nungesser is actually mentioned throughout the first chapter, Ralph, and sporadically later in the book. Ric Gillespie of TIGHAR could verify that before leaving Maine after the third expedition in 1988, I told him I planned to write a book about the stark contrast between Lindbergh's public acclaim and the historical anonymity of Nungesser/Coli. This background is cited in my intro.
Bob Mills

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