Max Olieslager
Max Olieslagers - 1929
brother of Jan Olieslagers
Contributed by Dirk Buytaert, 7-23-11

Max Olieslager
The wreck of his plane at Leauwarden ,Holland, 1911
Courtesy of Jean-Pierre Lauwers

from Jean-Pierre Lauwers, 4-16-02
     Max crashed during a meet in Leauwarden ,Holland. It was reported that four women spectators were injured, but there is no mention of what happened to Max! They do say that it wasn't his fault, inasmuch as the moment he was preparing to land, a severe windgust forced him over the public area.
     He did not die in the crash, in fact he escaped practically unhurt.

Max Olieslager
Jan Olieslagers, Max Olieslagers, and Willy Coppens d'Houthulst
     The latter was a Belgian Air ace and close friend of Jan Olieslagers.
     The picture was taken at Antwerp Airport, at the Stampe and Vertongen works, in 1929 on the occasion of a meeting organized for Jan Olieslagers 20th anniversary of his first flight (in 1909).
     In the background is a Stampe Vertongen technician.
Contributed by Dirk Buytaert, 7-23-11

Using the Google search engine on "Max Olieslagers" +aviation, I found 26 links. A good place to start is on the website cited below.
     Anyone interested in the rich history of aviation in Belgium, must visit the website of the Belgian Aviation History Association. It is replete with fascinating stories, photographs and many links to other related sites. To access it just click on the title above.

Contributed by
Dirk Buytaert
Aviation Society of Antwerp vzw
Antwerp Intíl Airport
     During WWI he served, like his brother Jan, in the Belgian Military Aviation. He later lived and died at Brecht (U 28.05.1961) where he is now buried alongside his wife.
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