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     If you search for "Pioneiros do ar" using Google, you will find about 66 links. They are all in Portuguese. One of the most comprehensive and interesting is the following.
Pioneiros do Ar

     If you need an English translation, it is a little more difficult. What I do is to click on the "Os Pioneiros" button at the left of the page, and then "choose the aviator, for example "Edu Chaves" Then, I block out and copy the text. Next, I go to the AltaVista's Babel Fish translation site:

     Once there, I paste the text into the box, set the machine to translate Portuguese to English, push the button and read the translated text in the box. It is a little awkward, but if you are interested, it is well worth the effort.
     On the "Pioneiro" page, you will have access to stories of some 24 early aviators, most of them Brazilian, although even the Wright Brothers are included.

       If you search for "Eduardo Pacheco Chaves" using Google, you will find about 50 links, two of them mine. One of the most comprehensive and interesting is the following.
Um vôo pioneiro
by J.Muniz Jr.
     If you read Portuguese, I heartily invite you to visit this site by clicking on the title. If you are using Google and prefer to read the article in English, you can access a machine translation directly from the search engine.
     I have discovered that this website is an entry point to a wealth of fascinating stories about the early days of aviation in Brazil. The author, J. Muniz Jr., has written an extensive collection of articles, many of them with priceless photographs, which are a treasurehouse of history. Luckily, you can access them easily in the original Portuguese or in a machine-translation into English directly from Google. The translation is not great, but ever so much better than nothing. I know you will be very pleasantly surprised by the quality and variety of the many sites which may be accessed from the bottom of the page.

Eduardo Pacheco Chaves died in 1975
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