FLIGHT                                                                                                                                                                               JULY IO, 1914
SOME details are to hand regarding the work of Capitaine de Freigate Collyns P. Pizey , who before his appointment to the Marine Royale Hellenique, was so well known to have been trained on it, and they are now ready for solo flights. This is probably the first time that naval officers have been taught to fly directly from the sea without
Collyns Pizey
AVIATION IN GREECE--On the left Mr. Colllyns P. Pizey in the Sopwith "pusher" with his first
pupil, Lieut Moriatinis. On the right, Mr. Pizey and Capt. Leigh, of the British Mission, and pilot of Farman
our readers from his connection with the Bristol Co. A very flattering report is given of the work of the Anzani-engined Sopwith " pusher" seaplane, which in one month was flying for some 40 odd hours. Five Greek officers first doing land flying. The names of the first five officers to join the corps that Mr. Pizey is organising for the Greek Government are :—Lieut. Moriatinis, Lieut. Papageogin, Lieut. Panioton, War. Officer Meletopoulos
Collyns Pizey
AVIATION IN GREECE.—On the left, bringing in the Anzani-engined Sopwith "pusher" seaplane at the Eleusis Air Station after morning flying by Mr. Collyns P. Pizey of the Royal Hellenic Marine Service. On the right Admiral Mark Kerr with Mr. Collyns P. Pizey, punting out on Astra float to the Sopwith seaplane- The man on the slipway is Lapray, one of Mr. Pizey's English " boys."

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