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     If you search for "Constantin Panagiotou", using Google, (12-19-10), you will find about 25 links, only two of which is very helpful.
1915 Aviators Certificates - UK
     This page on the Grace's Guide website lists the following very interesting entries.
"Announced 26th February
1086 Lieut. Nicolas Alexander Meletopoulos, R.N. (Greece) (Sopwith Hydro-biplane,          Royal Helleuic Naval Air Station, Eleusis, Greece. Sept. 22nd, 1914.
1087 Lieut. Aristides Moraitinis, R.N. (Greece) (Sopwith Hydrobiplane, Royal Hellenic         Naval Air Station, Eleusis, Greece). Sept. 22nd.
1088 Lieut. Constantin Panagiotou, R.N. (Greece) Sopwith Hydro-biplane,
        Royal Hellenic Naval Air Station, Eleusis, Greece). Sept. 29th."

Greek Aviators trained in the United Kingdom
     This page on The Aerodrome Forum lists five names:

"Constantin Panagiotou RAeC No 1088 dated 29/09/1914.
Dimitri John Argyropoulos RAeC No 4172Ha dated 01/01/1917 Greek Navy.
Nicos Daoulis RAeC No 4925 dated 23/06/1917 Greek Navy.
Spyros Hambras No 5249 dated 05/07/1917 Greek Navy.
Tasso Papanicolopoulos N0 5254 dated 25/08/1917 Greek Navy"
     Only Panagiotou soloed before 1916 and would be eligible for membership in the Early Birds of Aviation.

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