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Clyde Pangborn

Photo by permission of Garrett Williams, Sr. V. Pres
The Gallery of History, Inc.

J. W. Morey has alerted me to this photograph of Clyde which is being offered for sale on the The Gallery of History, Inc. website, (10-09-02). You may view it by clicking on:

I highly recommend that you plan to spend some time on this unique site so as to enjoy the very wide selection of photographs and documents which are offered for sale. As you will read on the homepage:
"At History For Sale, you can purchase historical documents from the largest collection in the world. The collection is based on 34 years of founder, President and CEO, Todd M. Axelrod's efforts. He is a respected authority in the field and author of several books on the subject. Browse through History For Sale and discover autographs and manuscripts from every conceivable field of endeavor, signed by history's greats from past to present."

via email from Cheryl Pfeiffer, 7-27-06
     I was pleased to see your request for further information about Clyde Pangborn. It has been one of my father's favorite stories about how Clyde came to Tacoma Washington advertising a model airplane magazine and subsequently, gave my father his first airplane ride. He had 'skipped' school for the day in order to bicycle to the airfield and received a lifelong memory.
     My father, Chuck Hollinger, was just named 2006 Model Aviation Hall of Fame award recipient this year for his prolific contribution to the world of model airplanes. Clyde's legacy continues on, even today!
Best regards,
Cheryl Pfeiffer

If you use the Google search engine on "Clyde Pangborn," you will find about 236 links. One of the best places to start is the website which features the World's First Trans-Pacific Flight of Clyde Pangborn and Hugh Herndon. It is very comprehensive and includes biographical notes on Pangborn and Herndon. It also includes details on the preparation for the flight and the flight itself. There is an extensive gallery of photographs which I am sure you will enjoy. You can access it by clicking on:

Another site I can heartily recommend is that of the Washington State University Libraries. It includes a biographical sketch and an extensive listing of the holdings of his memorabilia. You can access it by clicking on:
Clyde Pangborn

A comprehensive biography may be found on
the National Aviation Hall of Fame site by
clicking on Clyde Pangborn

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Clyde Pangborn died on March 29, 1958

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