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"Aviated 100 Miles to Present a Bouquet"
Daily Journal and Tribune
Knoxville, Tennessee: August 18, 1910,
Transcribed by Bob Davis - 3-27-04
Chalons Sur Marne, France, Aug. 17. - "Pariso, a new aviator, who obtained his license as an air pilot only Saturday after completing the trial to satisfy the committee, signalized his first public appearance today by flying from Douai to Chalons Sur Marne, a distance of nearly a hundred miles, to present a bouquet of flowers to his sweetheart."
Bob Davis
from Dave Lam, 2-20-05
     Pariso is probably the same Leon Parisot who earned French license # 179 on 9 Aug 1910 in a H. Farman aircraft. But I don't understand the reference you have from the Knoxville paper that calls him the first Italian victim of aviation, and which is dated 1910.
     I show Parisot having died in a crash on 29 or 30 June 1913 in a crash at Liege, Belgium. Maybe they aren't the same, but if not, the Knoxville paper is wrong about his having gotten his license in August 1910, as there is no Pariso shown in the French Records as having gotten his license any time in August 1910.
I have no information as to his dates of birth or death.
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