AKA Léon Parisot
Leon Parisot,
Leon Parisot
PARISOT      Biplan II H. Farman moteur Gnóme 50 HP
Collection of Dave Lam, 9-8-07

from Dave Lam, 2-20-05
     Leon Parisot earned French license # 179 on 9 Aug 1910 in a H. Farman aircraft.
     I show Parisot having died on 29 or 30 June 1913 in a crash at Liege, Belgium.

"Aviated 100 Miles to Present a Bouquet"
Daily Journal and Tribune
Knoxville, Tennessee: August 18, 1910,
Transcribed by Bob Davis - 3-27-04
Chalons Sur Marne, France, Aug. 17. - "Pariso, a new aviator, who obtained his license as an air pilot only Saturday after completing the trial to satisfy the committee, signalized his first public appearance today by flying from Douai to Chalons Sur Marne, a distance of nearly a hundred miles, to present a bouquet of flowers to his sweetheart."
Bob Davis

"Spectator Killed, Aviator is Buried in Wreckage of Machine and Dies Later"
Knoxville Journal and Tribune,
Knoxville, Tennessee: June 30, 1913,
Transcribed by Bob Davis - 3-21-07
"Liege, Belgium, June 29. - While an aviator, Parisot, was giving an exhibition of the flight at a village fete near here today the wing of the aeroplane struck and killed a youthful spectator. The machine capsized, burying Parisot in the wreckage. The aviator died a few minutes later.
     The aeroplane also struck and killed a child and seriously injured three other spectators."

Leon Parisot died in a crash in 1913.
via email from Dave Lam, 2-20-05.
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