Agénor Parmelin
Agénor Parmelin
Collection of Dennis Pavillard, 5-21-08

via email from Dennis Pavillard, 5-21-08
I was browsing the web looking for any article for 'Agenor Parmelin' and came across your web page.
My grandmother was Cecile Parmelin. She was the sister of Agenor Parmelin.
Cecile married Rene Pavillard.
Agenor was born January 8th, 1884.Gilly, near Bursin, Switzerland.
Married to Maria Giovanna Faggiano May 1906
First man to fly over Mont Blanc February 11th, 1914.
Died April 28th 1917 during an essay near Varese.
I have enclosed a photograph of him and if you would like more information, please get in touch with me.
Best wishes,
Dennis Pavillard.

Agénor Parmelin
Agénor Parmelin
Collection of Dennis Pavillard, 5-31-08
"Flew Over Mont Blanc,"
Knoxville Journal and Tribune,
Knoxville, Tennessee: February12, 1914,
Transcribed by Bob Davis - 3-27-04
"Aoste, Department of Isere, France, Feb. 11 - M. Parmelin, a young French aviator, today flew over Mont Blanc at a height of about three miles. He left Geneva, Switzerland, this morning after waiting a week for a clear sky. Whe he rose the weather was splendid, but his aeroplane plunged into a thick fog on the French side of the Alps."

Agénor Parmelin
Agénor Parmelin
Collection of Dennis Pavillard, 5-31-08

Agénor Parmelin
Agénor Parmelin
Souvenier Watch
"An exceptional and historically important Vacheron Constantin 18K gold pocket watch given to Agénor Parmelin to commemorate his successful flight over the Mont Blanc, February 11, 1914. Estimate: SFr. 20,000 – 30,000 (US$ 15,000 – 22,000)"
from Antiquorum ONLINE, 6-3-08

     If you search for "Agénor Parmelin", using the Google search engine, (2-19-07), you will find about 181 links. Among the most helpful are the following.
Agénor PARMELIN, 1884-1917
     This page on the Pionnair-GE website offers a very comprehensive biography of him and one very nice photo of him in his aeroplane. If you click on the title above., you will access a machine-translated verson of the original page which is in French. If you read French, You can access that version by clicking on:

     If you are not already familiar with this wonderful resource, I heartily recommend that you visit the homepage and sample some of its important offerings.

     If you scroll down the page a short distance, you will see a line of four postcards which show M. Parmelin and his Deperdussin aeroplane. You can enlarge each of them to full size and also view them as a slide show. You can access the page by clicking on the title above.
     If time permits, I think you will enjoy viewing some of the many other photos which are available.

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