I need a photo of him. If you can help, please contact me.
via email from Victor Nitu, 12-20-04
     Ion Paulat, (1873-1954), was born at Cioara, near Braila, a sailor who built the first Romanian seaplane at Galati in 1911. He unfortunately lacked funds and with difficulty managed to buy one engine, although his seaplane needed two to function properly. Thus it could only take off and make small "jumps". He decided to use this engine on another aircraft: a monoplane, which he completed in 1912. He learned alone to fly it and made several flights at a height of 7-8 m, until 6 June 1912, when, because of an engine malfunction, he crashed. He recovered and repaired the airplane, but because of the engine he only flew it for a short while afterwards. He tried to obtain a new engine, but upon his return from the 1913 campaign in Bulgaria, he found both aircraft destroyed and gave up the flight experiments. In 1933 he created an association to commemorate the Romanian pioneers of aviation.

     If you search for "Ion Paulat", using the Google search engine, (12-21-04), you will find about four links. All of them appear to be in Romanian.

Ion Paulat died in 1954.
Personal communication from Victor Nitu, 12-20-04
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