Amalia Figueredo Pietra
Collection of Paula Vergotinni, 3-16-04
Amalia Figueredo Pietra
Collection of Paula Vergotinni, 3-16-04
via email from Paula Vergotinni
Grandaughter of Rosita Ucar, 3-16-04
I was looking for some information on the web and I found your page...
I live in Argentina and I am 23 years old. My grand mother is Rosita Ucar (the first woman of Argentina to parachute - 1947) . I´m preparing a web page for her now...
Here I have a photo of Amalia Figueredo. My grandmother gave me some newspapers from those years.. Please contact me. Perhaps my grandmother could give you some information,
Bye, Paula Vergotinni
Editor's Note: I am very grateful to Paula for sharing the photograph of Amalia with us and will contact her right away with pleasure. As I learn more about her grandmother and the relationship between Amalia and her, I hope to add it to my website.

     If you search for Amalia Celia Figueredo de Pietra using Google, you will find about 68 links. Most of them are written in Spanish, but machine-translations are available directly from the Google entry for most of them.
Amalia Celia Figueredo de Pietra
Machine-translated and enhanced from the original webpage.
     "Amalia Celia Figueredo, born February 18, 1895 in Rosario, was the first Argentinean to fly solo in an airplane. About the year 1914, Amalia settled down in the environs of the Villa Lugano aerodrome. She became acquainted with the Frenchman Paul Castaibert, aviator and builder of airplanes, with whom she made her first flight. This episode excited her enthusiasm for aviation. She changed her previous vocational plans, turning them completely upside down, when she enrolled in a pilot training course taught by Castaibert in a Castaibert-Anzani monoplane of 25 HP. Soon she advanced to the San Fernando school of aviator Marcel Paillete, beginning a new course in a 50 HP Farman-Gnome biplane. Months later, on the 6th of September, Amalia was ready to take the examination to earn the yearned for certificate of pilot.
      Lamentably, she had bad luck and during the test suffered an accident, happily without injuries. On October 1, 1914 she tried again, this time passing the test with distinction. The engineer Carlos Irmscher and Mr. Carlos Borcosque. conducted the test as representatives of the Argentine Flying club, In this way, Amalia Figueredo had achieved her goal to become a pilot and Argentinean aviation placed the name of a woman in its records for the first time, who had won a place in the arduous and initial world of its national aeronautics.
     The exhibitions carried out by this novel aviatrix were numerous. The old National Race course, the field of the Sportiva Argentina in Palermo and the aerodrome of Villa Lugano, were scenes of her aerial demonstrations, earning for her both admiration and popularity. In June of 1915, she initiated a flight between Buenos Aires and her native city, Rosario, where she carried out several flights in a Farman airplane. Upon her return to Buenos Aires, her aerial activities were reduced considerably due to her marriage to Alexander Carlos Pietra, who persuaded her to abandon her aeronautical career.
      On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary (1914-1° of October 1964) of her obtaining her license, the Ministry of Aeronautics, in the person of Brigadier Carlos Armanini, at that time Air force commander-in-chief, awarded Amalia Celia Figueredo de Pietra the honorary designation of Military pilot. On January 21, 1970, by decree of Law 18,559, the title of Precursora de la Aeronáutica Argentina was conferred on her.
      Doña Amalia Celia Figueredo de Pietra passed away at the age of 90 years in the city of Buenos Aires on October 8, 1985."

     The original article was written in Spanish and the site has apparently disappeared from the net.(10-19-03). However, I have saved the text and you may access it by clicking on the title above.

     .The Highlights in Latin American Aviation website offers several articles of general interest and includes this one for Amalia Celia Figueredo de Pietra. It offers a comprehensive resumé of her career and includes a photograph of her with her aeroplane. It is only available in Spanish, but a machine-translation is available directly from the Google entry or by clicking on:
Amalia - English version

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Doña de Pietra died in 1985.

Editor's Note:
If you have any more information on this pioneer aviator,
please contact me.
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