Carl Gösta (Gustaf) von Porat
Carl Gösta (Gustaf) von Porat
Carl Gösta (Gustaf) von Porat
from Porträttgalleri från Östergötland

BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE via email from Leif Åhman, 9-25-10

Carl Gösta (Gustaf) von Porat, born 24 august 1886 in Norra Sandsjö in Jönköpings county, didd 17 March 1972 in Sävsjö, was a Swedish serviceman and aviation pioneer. Year 1906 von Porat became officer at the engineering troops. In 1912 he attended Newport’s school of aviation in Pau, France and was awarded after certificate tests Swedish aviator diploma nr 7 issued by S.A.S. (Swedish Aeronautical Society). He succeeded Henrik David Hamilton as chief for the Aeronautical company (Regiment), and became there after many high posts within the Air force (Swedish) until he was pensioned 1946. He was awarded Aviation Technical Society's Thulin medal in gold 1948.


Leif Åhman

(Enoch Thulin was an early Swedish aviator and industrialist)

"Sweden's First Accident"
Knoxville Journal and Tribune,
Knoxville, Tennessee: June 20, 1914,
Transcribed by Bob Davis - 3-4-07
"Stockholm, Sweden, June 19. - Lieutenant G. De Porat, pilot, and M. Hygerth, a passenger, were seriously injured today when their aeroplane fell one hundred feet. It was the first aviation accident in Sweden."

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von Porat died 17 March 1972 in Sävsjö

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