George Post
George B. Post
George Post
George B. Post, pilot of the Petrel 4 in which he is making
a 5000 mi. business trip.

from the February 18,1924 issue of Aviation magazine
Courtesy of Jim Hoogerwerf, 4-27-05

     You will find a mention of George B. Post, flying a Huff-Daland, in the International Air Meet, 1923, in St. Louis, on my Pioneer Pilot site. This appears to confirm a solid connection between Post and the formation of the Huff-Daland Cropdusters in Macon, Georgia in 1924. To read the whole story about that phase in his career, you can visit the Delta Airlines site which is listed below in the "Online Resources" section You may access the Air Meet site by clicking on the title above. You may want to use your "Find" function on "Post" to find the location on the page.

via email from Charlotte Post Chase, 12-30-08
     George Birkbeck Post the aviator was son of Abram Skidmore Post 1862-1940 and Ida Pauline Crabbe 1863-1943
Thank you-
Charlotte Post Chase
Daughter or George Birkbeck Post Jr,
grandaughter of George B. Post

     If you search for "George Post +aviation -Prince -St"using the Google search engine, (9-19-03), you will find about 24 links. One of these is particularly interesting.
A History of Ag Aviation in Madison Parish
John Earl Martin
Tallulah, Louisiana October 2004
     This page on the Madison Parish Lousiana section of the website was suggested to me by John Wynne, (2-8-05). It offers a very interesting history of the development of Agricultural Aviation in Madison Parish which includes numerous references of George Post, as well as Harold Harris. It also includes several photographs of him, as well as some 35 others which help to illustrate the story. To access the page, click on the title above.
by Kurt Leslie
     This article on this page on the website, offers a tantalizing clue as to the career of George Post. The following paragraph is excerpted from the article.
     "George Post, a New York Businessman from Huff-Daland Airplanes, Inc. was flying south when he was forced to land because of mechanical problems with his airplane. He landed in Tullulah and discovered Coad and Woolman's experimental dusting operation. He considered this to be a commercial opportunity he could not pass up. After convincing management, the Huff-Daland Dusters started at Macon, Georgia, in 1924."
     I suggest that you read the whole article to better understand the activities of the Huff-Daland Dusters. To access the site, click on the title above.
     On this page on the AeroFiles website, you will find a brief history of the company along with descriptions and some photographs of the many models of planes which the company produced. To access the page, click on the title above.
     This page on the National Air and Space Museum website, offers a nice summary of the Huff-Daland Duster Company in Macon, Georgia and a description and photograph of one of the planes they used. To access the site, click on the title above.
Delta Airlines
City of Flight
by Geoff Jones
      The history of Delta Air Lines can be traced back to 1924 and the start of an aerial crop dusting outfit, but it was in 1929 that scheduled passenger services began. From the small beginnings at Macon, Georgia and then Monroe, Lousiana and a small five-passenger plane, Delta has grown to become one of the world's leading airlines. This book celebrates a remarkable 75-year history in words and pictures, highlighting the men and women who have helped to make Delata a tour de force.
      Monumental growth and change occurred at Delta thoughout the second half of the 20th century. By the start of the new millennium, Delta Air lines was the world's largest airline in terms of passengers carried-120 million in 2000- and operating from the world's largest hub airport, Atlanta Hartsfield International. This volume covers the earliest days of Delta, from its first scheduled passenger service on June 17, 1929, through the myriad developments of the 20th century. Images culled from the Delta Air Transport Heritage Museum, Inc. and the author's personal collection are coupled with an engaging narrative in a collection sure to be treasured by Delta employees past and present, aviation enthusiasts, and the many who have flown with Delta over the years.
      Author Geoff Jones is a freelance aviation journalist and photographer whose articles have appeared in such magazines as Airways, Airliner World, and Pilot. He is also the author of numerous books including The Big Six US Airlines, American Classics of the Air, and Vintage Aircraft over America. Jones resides in the British Isles and has been flying as a private pilot since 1977. In Delta Air Lines: 75 Years of Airline Excellence, he has created a fitting tribute to an American institution.

George B. Post died in 1960
From The Early Birds of Aviation
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January 1, 1993

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