AKA Bill Pound
Claude W. Pound
Claude W. Pound
Claude W. Pound
Contributed by Jerry Blanchard, 4-1-11

     Greetings to the following new members elected July 10, 1930. Among them you will find some long-lost bird who is still in the ring and going strong.
     Claude W. Pound, 2348 Orchard Rd., Ottawa Hills, Toledo, O., production manager with Electric Auto Lite, Flying instructor Chicago 1912 or earlier.
from CHIRP - Bulletin 6 - HOTEL CARLTON, WASHINGTON, D.C. - 1 August, 1930
courtesy of Steve Remington - CollectAir

Claude W. Pound
Claude W. Pound
Contributed by Bill Krall, 2-20-11
     I live in the Toledo Ohio area, as did Mr. Pound. He always prefered to be called "Bill". Bill was a friend of my father and in 1957 (or about) he gave my Dad a postcard and told him to keep and preserve it , for someday it would be very valuable. It is a postcard--First day of issue, in observance of the 181st Anniv of "Old Glory". It has a 4 cent "Old Glory" postage stamp that was hand cancelled on July 4th-1957-9:00am, Washington DC. The card was designed by Al Boerger and depicts the old 13 star flag and the current 48 star of that year. On the back side (obverse) of the card is the EB insignia. He must have owned a rubber stamp on which was printed----Early Bird---followed underneath by the insignia. His name is printed Claude W. Pound and signed on the bottom. I inherited the card when my Father died in 1990. All along, it has been preserved in a plastic seal and in near mint condition. Thought you may be interested in the info. I did a little more research last night on the postcard. It appears that the postcard was designed locally by Al Boerger. He had a stamp and coin shop in Toledo. If you do an ebay search and type in Old Glory postcards--Al Boerger . You will find the exact same postcard sent from Al Boerger to a friend in Israel. On the back of the card his business address in Toledo. The only thing that I would request is that if a survivor of Claude W. Pound family (if any) ever indicates a desire to regain family possession of the postcard, is that you send it to them. Until that time, it is yours to keep and treasure.
Bill--Toledo Ohio

Claude W. Pound died in 1980
From The Early Birds of Aviation
Roster of Members
January 1, 1993

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