AKA Frederick Holly Prime
Frederick H. P:rime

Frederick H. Prime
"Framed in a wooden frame made out of a propeller by one of his crew members."
via email from his son, Robert Prime, 4-21-09

via email from Tro Harper, 4-15-06
Thanks for honoring my uncle "Holly". His birthdate is 9/27/1888. He received his Federation Aeronautique Internationale card on May 10th 1916. It was number 481. Thanks again,
Tro Harper
Editors note: I am very grateful to Tro for this information on his uncle. It is the first addition to his story since January, 2001. I hope that he will share even more of the details of his life and career with us.

via email from Nancy Carsten, 9-27-09
Dear Ralph,
     Frank Harper was my Dad and Dora Harper was my mother. Uncle Holly, my Mother's younger brother, and Aunt Edie lived in Oklahoma City where I was born and raised. We saw them frequently and enjoyed growing up with our cousins Rob, Dora, ( Dodie) and Laurence. My Dad worked for Robert Watchorn at the Watchorn Oil and Gas Company after he left Theodore Roosevelt. Mr. Roosevelt introduced him to Mr. Watchorn and was instrumental in helping him get the job.
      Uncle Holly was one of the early flyers in WWI. He too worked in the oil industry. I recently sent all of my Dad's papers that he had saved from the years he worked for Roosevelt back to the Roosevelt Home at Sagamore Hill. For anyone who is interested in Roosevelt history they should check with them . Dad was with Roosevelt when he went on his South American trip and also when he was running for President during the Bull Moose campaign. All the papers from this period make fascinating reading.
     Just wanted to set the record straight as we are all getting older in this family and there needs to be an accurate record of our family. I married Paul Carsten and had four children : Cathy Carsten Salenger who had Rebecca, Philip Carsten, whose children are Charles Carsten, Angeli Carsten, Nancy Carsten Hirsch) whose children are Heather Hirsch, and Allyson Hirsch , and Heather Carsten Brand, whose children are Sarah and Abigail.
That's all of my family.
Nancy Harper Carsten

via email from Mark Taylor, 11-10-08
     Holly Prime is the brother in law of Frank Harper (personal secretary to President Theodore Roosevelt who went on the Amazon expedition)
     Apparently Holly Prime was in the very first air force of which there were only a handful of members (I've been told around 10) and the entry "exam" was to land a plane on a bed sheet that was set up in a field somewhere.
     There may be photos (as there are a few of Frank Harper and Theodore Roosevelt), but I will have to try to dig them up at various family gatherings.
     Let me know if this information is helpful.
Editor's note:Such information is always helpful and always interesting. I thank Mark for sharing it with us.

Frederick H. P:rime

Frederick H. Prime
via email from his son, Robert Prime, 4-21-09

Frederick H. Prime died in 1985
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January 1, 1993

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