George Rawson
George Rawson
  Hello Ralph I am sending along a picture of Gearge Rawson that I recently acquired. It is a cabinet photo and is captioned "George Alward Rawson Licensed International Aviator #232 2 years experience.
The photographer was located in Bath, NY a short distance from Hammondsport.
Regards Jerry Blanchard

via email from Suzanne Tucker, 5-28-07
Dear Mr. Cooper:
I was so surprised to come across your web page and see a photograph of my Uncle George. Unfortunately, I never knew him as he died before I was born but I can fill in all sorts of information for you, some reliable and some a little sketchy. I would very much appreciate your forwarding this on to Elizabeth Drew as well so that I may also correspond with her about our family research.

George Rawson was my fathers' half-brother. My father, Forrest Tucker, b. 1897, (not to be confused with the late movie actor) was the oldest son of Ann Forrest Norton and her second husband Eldred Tucker. Their second son was Fairfax Tucker. Ann Forrest Norton apparently eloped in 1888/89? with Dr. George A. Rawson from school, the Visitation Convent in Georgetown, much to her parents horror. We believe that marriage is what must have taken her to Washington State as there was no family connection there whatsoever. They had a child, George, and at some point either before or after the birth of their son, Dr. Rawson went out to Hawaii to be court physician to the Hawaiian royal family. Ann's mother forbade her to accompany him! My father told me that Dr. Rawson died out there but I don't know if that is true or not.

My father, who died in 2000, adored his older brother George and always spoke so fondly of him with some pretty humorous stories. After George's flying accident he needed constant care and lived with his mother and step-father (whom he apparently never got on with very well). I don't know if George had physical limitations as much as mental, amnesia, etc., but my father said that he was very happy and carefree, seeming to live in the present moment. After their mother died (in the late '20's?), George lived out the rest of his life in the Patton State Hospital in Patton, California. My mother tells me that he had excellent care and always remembered my father when he visited. My mother thinks George died some time in early 1953. I believe he may be buried next to his mother and step-father at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California.

The photograph is fascinating to me and certainly would have been so to my father. Sadly, all of the family photographs, memorabilia, and possessions were destroyed in a storage facility fire during WWll so I never grew up knowing what anyone looked like! I am interested in knowing what more you know of George and hope I have given you some helpful information for your research. This is an interesting find given that today is Memorial Day.

Best regards,

Suzanne Tucker

via email from Patricia M. Tucker Nikula, 5-22-08
My dad married Jennie May Stalker in 1947 at age 18 years old, which they both were. They had 5 children, Eldred Fairfax Tucker Jr. (Tom), John Forrest Tucker, Stephen Craig Tucker, Linda Ann Tucker, and myself Patricia May Tucker.

My brothers all have kept the family business going. They have two businesses, one in El Cajon, CA and one in Denver, Co.

My mother Jennie worked with my dad in the business for 38 years. She passed away February of 2006, and dad Eldred Fairfax Tucker passed away April 19, 2007.

We miss them so very much. We were a very close family and dad and mom taught us many values.

I am so thankful to see this picture of George. He has such a nice smile. Thank you for this info and I now know there is a relative out there named Suzanne Tucker.

My name now is Patricia Nikula and I am married to Claude Nikula.

I believe we have some pictures too, so I will try to get them to you. I believe we have pictures of Forrest and Ann.

I would love to hear from you too!

Patricia M. Tucker Nikula

via Contributed by Barbara Walker, 9-20-10
Dear Mr. Cooper,

I found your article at the library today and was astounded! Ann Forrest Norton was the only 1st cousin of my husband's great grandmother, Florence Norborne Norton Bacot. They were great friends as well as cousins. Florence named one of her sons, George, also. It is derived from George Norton.

Anyway, I have photos of Ann and many letters sent over the years to Florence. I have not read them, but now am looking forward to it. We live in Washington state during the summer, and in SC during the winter. The photos and letters are in SC. I have wondered about descendants of Ann who might like the photos and letters. Suzanne Tucker might be the one. Sweetie, Ann's cousin, has written some nice notes about her.

Barbara Williams

The New York Herald
October 3, 1913
PARKERSBURG, W. Va., Thursday.---Plunging downward 250 feet in his Bleriot monoplane while making a flight here today, George Rawson, an aviator, of Bluefield, W. Va., was injured so severely that he is dying tonight in a hospital at Spencer, W. Va. Rawson lost control of his machine, which dashed into a hillside.
Courtesy of Roy Nagl, 12-26-05

via email from Elizabeth Drew, 2-16-07
     My grandmother and George Rawson were 2nd cousins, I'm working on my family tree. I don't have any information on George's career, I was looking for information on his parents divorce when I found your web-page. Subsequently I found the following information on George's life.

The Washington Post 15 Oct 1913, pg 2, first column, first article; "AVIATOR NEAR DEATH."
The Washington Post 16 Oct 1913, middle of page; "G.A. Rawson Unconscious Two Weeks."
The Washington Post 11 Nov 1913, middle of page. "George A. Rawson, the young aviator who was injured in a fall some time ago at Spenser, W. Va., is improving. It was at first thought that he could not recover."

     He filled out a registration card 5 June 1917 for the WWI draft, and noted he was not able to serve because of a "physical disability."
     In the 1920 Federal census he is listed as an aviator and living with his mother and step-father in King Co., WA. (ED 43, pg 32A)
     His mother was born Ann Forrest Norton, his step-father was Eldred Tucker.
     He was born in Seattle, WA on the 19th of Oct 1890 to Ann Forrest Norton and George A. Rawson. His parents divorced and his mother married Eldred Tucker about 1895. His mother was from old families in Virginia and the District of Columbia, she was the great-granddaughter of Col. Uriah Forrest and his wife Rebecca Plater.
     I am very interested in any information or pictures on George Rawson, and his/our family.
Elizabeth Drew
Editor's Note:I thank Elizabeth for all of this information regarding his family, his life and his career. If you can add anything to it, we would all be very grateful. Please contact Elizabeth by sending your email to me. Thank you very much

We don't yet know the date of his death for sure.

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