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from Bob Davis, 8-11-07
Dave Lam has line 783 on his list of lost aviators a Lt. Remy but no location or place. In filing and ordering the newspaper article messes I have here I've found this:

French Aviators Killed, Daily Journal and Tribune, November 6, 1914, "London, Nov. 5. - An Exchange Telegraph dispatch from Paris gives an official communication which says that Captains Remy and Faure, distinguished French aviators, were killed when their machines fell at Issy-Les-Molineanx."

Faure may be a commom French name as Lam has two but their deaths are both at different dates. If you were a Captain flying you were pretty good in those times.
Bob and Lynne Davis

Aircraft Deaths
Fixed Wing Only (excluding combat losses)
To August1912

Compiled by Dave Lam, 6-23-07
For many of us, the history of aviation is full of heroes, reaching ever higher. We remember those who flew "firsts", and who set records. All too often, we forget that the conquest of the skies was not without cost and failures. Many of the early aviators died in their efforts, and remain all-but-forgotten, as shown by the fact that I cannot readily retrieve all first, or even family, names for them all, and some remain "unnamed". At various times, and in various groups of aviators, the death rate was reported to be as high as 87%, though the overall death rate was of course much lower than that. In order to honor those who died to give us wings, the following list has been compiled.


           NAME          DATE OF DEATH           NATIONALITY     LOCATION
783     Remy, Lt.     5-Nov-1911                         French                     ?

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Lt. Remy died in 1912.

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please contact me.
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