Billy Robinson
Billy & Eugene Hardy, "The Popcorn King"
     In its issue of December 28, 1915, The Grinnell Herald published a picture of Billy delivering a 2-pound sample of "Sam Nelson, Jr., Company's" Amber Rose popcorn to Arthur Eugene Hardy, "The Popcorn King". He flew the distance of 65 miles in 46 minutes
Contributed by Dottie Farrar, 12-26-11
Grandaughter of Eugene Hardy

Billy Robinson
The Popcorn King in Action
Contributed by Dottie Farrar, 12-26-11

     If you search for "Sam Nelson, Jr., Company", using the Google search engine, (1-6-12), you will find about 623 links. Among the most interesting is the following.
Popped culture: a social history of popcorn in America - Google Books
     This page displays a number of recipes which feature Nelson's popcorn. One example may be seen below.
Parsnips and Pop Corn
     Wash, scrape and slice thin two good-sized parsnips and cook them until perfectly tender in two quarts of water. When they are nearly done add a teaspoonful of salt and when althogether done a tablespoonful of flour mixed smooth with a little cold water. Stir well and let boil until the flour is cooked, then stir in half a cupful of popped and ground corn--Nelson's pop corn is the best that grows--let boil up once or twice, or until the corn is hot and serve.
Source: Mary Hamilton Talbott. Pop Corn recipes. Grinnell, Iowa: Sam Nelson, Jr., Company, 1916, n.p.

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