Giuseppe Rossi
Giuseppe Rossi
     "If you look closely at the writing on the Rossi photo, the last line appears to be a place name and a date, written in the European fashion of day/month/year. As with the deRidder photo, it is autographed for Monsieur/Mr. Consol or Cousol.
     Feel free to post the images to your website. I am happy to share them with you. If anyone else wants to use them, please have them contact me for permission through your email address.
     I have included a link to a website, the only one in fact, that has info on his achievements. Seems he and an Army officer are credited with the first use of a radio, transmitting from air to ground. The website indicates a medallion was struck in his honor.
Photo and text by permission from Mike Allard, 3-6-04

     If you search on "Giuseppe Rossi +aeronautica" using Google, (3-7-04), you will find about 59 links, all of them in Italian. However, many are available to translate into English directly from the link.

     This article, on Luigi Fava's website, which was suggested by Mike Allard, offers a very complete and interesting revue of Rossi's life and career. If you are able to read the article in Italian, you are fortunate. However, even though the machine-translation is a bit confusing, I found it to be very difficult to follow, it is well worth the effort and will provide a fairly good understanding of his activities. It also offers five photographs of considerable interest. You can access the Italian version by clicking on the title above. If you need the translation, you can either use the link on the Google page or click on:
English Version

       He died in Bracciano 24 March 1957. He is buried in the cemetary of Carpaneto.
Extracted from the Giuseppe website above.

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