Alberto Salinas Carranza
Collection of Pablo Arumbe, 8-7-09

     If you search on "Alberto Salinas Carranza" using Google, (7-24-06), you will find about 615 links. Many of them are blocked by my Trend Micro P-cillin Internet Security program. Many others only mention Alberto in passing or as related to Emilio Carranza Rodriguez. I only tried to access some 50 or 60 sites, without much success.
Los Inicios
The Beginnings
     If you read Spanish, you will find this to be a good place to start. You can access the page by clicking on the title above. If you need an English version, you can obtain a machine-translated version by clicking on:
The Beginings

La Expedición Punitiva
     This book is long out of print, but used copies are occasionally available online. As of today, October 7, 2004, a copy is offered on the "Mercado Libre" website. You can examine the offer by clicking on:
La Expedición Punitiva

Book Search
     If you go to the Google homepage and select "MORE", and then select "Book Search," you will be alble to search for all of the books in which "Alberto Salinas Carranza" is mentioned. If you then enter "Alberto Salinas Carranza" in the serch field, you will find some ten of 30 links will be listed. Of them, several are very helpful. Perhaps the most exciting is:
" Guía de Los Archivos Históricos de la Universidad Iberoamericana "
     If you click on that link you will find a description of "The Alberto Salinas Carranza Archive," which is located in the Universidad Iberoamerican in Mexico, DF. You will also be able to view other pages on which his name is mentioned. I suggest that you sample at least some of the other links which are presented. You may find that some links require that you enter your "Google Registration." If you don't have one, you can obtain it in the usual manner.

Latin American Video Archives
The Place to Locate and Purchase
Latin American & U.S. Latino Made Film and Video.
     This website offers the documentary film which was based on the book above which was written by Delfina Inés Duque and Alberto Salinas Carranza. You can find a complete description of the film, and directions for its purchase by clicking on:
The Punitive Expedition

     On this page you will find a complete description of the film, directed by Juan Ramon Aupart Cisneros, along with ordering instructions.
Courtesy of Roselly A. Torres Rojas, 10-13-04
Latin American Video Archives
124 Washington Place
New York, NY 10014
  Editor's Note: My father-in-law, Walter E. Lees, was offered a position flying for Villa. His instructor at North Island, Ray Morris, advised him to ignore the offer. He accepted the advice, thank goodness.  

Mexican Air Force Insignia - 1914
via email from Fred Frederiksen, 6-12-06
     I am contacting you because I am having a difficult time locating more information about the 1914 Mexican Air Force. Many years ago, I knew a dealer of Mexican war artifacts. I am a novice aviator and at the time I purchased a military aviator's brass hat pin insignia. The gentleman explained to me the history of his native country and how he found most of his collection with a metal detector. If you would, please view the attached picture of the hat pin and maybe you can tell me more of it?
Best regards,
Editor's Note: If you can help Fred to identify this insignia, please contact him via email using my address.

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