Henri Salmet
Daily Mail Aeroplane Circuit - 1912
Collection of Jenny Harries, 1-23-04

Henri Salmet
Great Britain, Royal Aero Club Aviators' Certificate, 1910-1950
record for Henry Salmet.

Contributed by Derek Drew, 11-29-12

via email from Nick Forder, 4-15-04
Salmet - I've compiled a few notes, and will try to write up something which you can use. My copy of 'Under the Shadow of the Eagle's Wing' is out on loan at the moment, so I'll wait until it returns. Basically, what I have is:
Jul 27, 1911
Nov 1911
June, 1912
June 1912
Jul 27, 1912
Worked at Bleriot School, Hendon, as a mechanic.
Awarded Ticket 99, following a course of instruction with Pierre Prier, Chief Instructor at the Bleriot School at Hendon.
Succeeded Prier as Chief Instructor at Bleriot School, Hendon
Flew a 50 hp Bleriot at Hendon fitted with Sturgess landing wheels (ref Aerial Wheel). Not a success.
Operation for appendicitis. Made a flight of 50 miles 14 days later.
Salmet flew a Bleriot XI from Bude to Lawhitton (near Launceston), and then on to Newquay. Unfortunately he was forced down at Bodmin to undertake repairs.
Flew at Swindon (part of Daily Mail Aerial Tour) - I have a newspaper report of this.

Henri Salmet

Henri Salmet
Henri Salmet on a London to Paris flight in 1912
Collection of Jenny Harries, 1-20-04
     On the reverse of this postcard, someone has written, (by the writing some time ago),
"Henri Salmet - Landed at Shalmsford St (which is in Chartham, near Canterbury, Kent, UK) - March 8th 1912."
     I would be extremely grateful if you could find any references to this flight.
Many thanks!
Editor's Note: If anyone can help Jenny and the rest of us to learn anything more about this flight, I will be happy to forward that information to her.

  Aug 7, 1912
Aug 10, 1912
Flew London-Paris-London, including 80 mile cross channel flight Eastbourne-Dieppe in 3 hours 12/16 minutes, (accounts vary). This was well reported in 'Flight', and Dallas-Brett's 'History of British Aviation' Vol 1 carries the Flight report on pages 139-42.
Flew at Ipswich (part of Daily Mail Aerial Tour).
Flew in Devon & Cornwall on Daily Mail Aerial Tour, flying 18 days out of 28, only 24 of which were suitable for flying.
Flew at Northampton, Colchester, Brightlingsea, Clacton, Frinton, Walton-on-the-Naze and Southend (part of Daily Mail Aerial Tour).
Unconfirmed visit to Barnstaple.

Henri Salmet
       A photo from the start of returnflight at Issy-les-Moulineaux from the British aviator Henry SALMET (British aviator!) who made the flight London-Paris into 3h 12'.The same day he wished to do the return nonstop flight Paris - London, but was forced due to bad weather to land on the French coast and to wait to continue his flight.
Photo & legend from Jean-Pierre Lauwers, 8-20-07

Salmet "Drops-in" to Ross-on-Wye
via email from A. Morris, 4-30-08
I found your site whilst looking for information about M Salmet. You might like to know that M Salmet 'dropped in' to Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire on 20 July 1912. He had originally been expected in the town on the 19th. As the crowds waited for him they were informed he had arrived by car as the winds at Raglan had been too strong for him. Nevertheless he tried again the following day, the 21st, and 'dropped from the clouds without warning'.

A full account can be found in the book entitled A Good Plain Country Town, Ross-on-Wye 1800-1930 by Fred Druce, printed in 1980. The information about the flight together with three photographs can be found on pages 104,105 and 106.

Hope this is useful.

A Morris

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