The Daily Mail Monday 5 Jan 1914
Page 3.

The delivery of the "Daily Mail" Riviera Supplement by aeroplane, which will begin today, continues to excite great interest among English and American visitors all along the coast. Many inquiries have been made as to how the specially stamped copies to be conveyed by M.Salmet can be obtained. One lady wrote requesting that the Supplement be dropped in the garden of her hotel. It is perhaps advisable to explain that as each packet is attached to a paper parachute, which is liable to be deflected by air-currents, it is impossible to make sure the papers will fall in any small area. M.Salmet leaves Nice about nine o'clock this morning for Hyeres on his Bleriot-Gnome monoplane , to drop his papers at Antibes, Cannes, and Saint Raphael. After a brief rest at Hyeres he will return to Nice without a stop, and in the afternoon he will probably make passenger flights. Tomorrow he will make similar deliveries on the eastward route, the only difference being that, owing to the absence of suitable landing–places, he will not stop anywhere between Nice and San Remo, the furthest point eastward to which he will fly. He will merely drop his last packet over San Remo, turn around and go back to Nice. His delivery- places are Beaulieu, Monte Carlo, Cap Martin, Menton, and Bordighera. Yesterday morning M.Salmet, carrying a passenger, flew from Californie to Nice, where he circled round the Promenade des Anglais, frequently dipping low while his passenger threw out flowers and souvenir Supplements attached to parachutes. One packet fell on top of the Hotel Ruhl, and another dropped into the sea, into which an eager man waded to capture the treasure. As a final exhibition, the machine came down to within six feet of the water and flew parallel with the promenade, airman and passenger exchanging friendly greetings with the immense crowd of visitors, who cheered loudly and gave them a most enthusiastic reception.
During the course of his Riviera flight M.Salmet will carry a number of passengers. Any one desiring to fly with M.Salmet should apply direct to him , either at the aero Club ground at Californie; at the Hotel Terminus, Nice; or at the offices of "The Daily Mail" 8, Descente Crotti, Nice.
From our own correspondent. Hyeres, Sunday The coming of M.Salmet to-morrow is being looked forward to with great interest. The Terrain de l'Esparre, where he will land, is situated near the Salins de Pesquiers, and between the Sud-France station of Almanarre and the road running to Giens and La Plage.
Collection of Ed Wolf, 7-7-05

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