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  Salmet Mentioned in Army Orders
Under date of April 7th, H. Salmet, who is now Marechal de Logis, Squadrille (sic) C.9, in the French Aviation Service, was specially mentioned in the French Army Orders:-
"This impulsive and audacious pilot did not hesitate on a scouting expedition to approach a German warplane within 37 yards, so as to permit the observer to shoot at it. - General Hambert, Commander of the D.A.L."
Flight 23.3.1915, p284

Henri Salmet, whose exhibitions in numerous parts of England did so much towards popularising aviation, has been mentioned in Army Orders. During one of his flights Salmet approached to within 80 feet of a German machine, in order to allow his observer a good chance to disable the hostile aircraft by gunfire.
Flight 28.5.1915, p376

Good Work by Salmet
The fine work which Henri Salmet has been doing with the French Air Service has now won him the Military Medal. The official account of the actual deed which secured the medal reads as follows :-
"Henri Salmet has fulfilled many perilous missions, showing the greatest coolness under critical conditions. On August 23rd, flying alone, he dropped thirty shells on an important railway station beyond the Rhine. Overtaken by fog, he rerturned by compass and landed safely on French soil."
Flight 17.9.1915, p708

With regard to the mention made by Lord Northcliffe of two pilots well known on this side of the channel, it is worthy of note that M. Salmet, that pastmaster in the art of piloting Bleriot monoplanes, was responsible for the raid on Karlsruhe some time ago."
Flight 30.3.1916, p269

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