Henri Salmet
Sketch by John Wynne Hopkins, Chairman, Llanelli Community Heritage
Contributed by Lyn John,
Vice-Chairman, Llanelli Community Heritage, 10-4-10

     If you search for "Henri Salmet " +aviation , using the Google search engine,
(10-4-10), you will find about 178 links, many of them relevant and worth visiting. Of particula interest is the one cited below. It was recommended just today, 10-4-10, by Lyn John.

Monsieur Henri Salmet

     This page on the Llanelli Community Heritage website, offers a fascinating article written by Lyn John describing the arrival of Henri Salmet in the town of Stradey. A brief excerpt of the article is as follows.

'On Saturday May 25th, 1912 an aeroplane piloted by Monsieur Henri Salmet was guided in to Stradey by a balloon trailing a streamer bearing the ‘Daily Mail Aeroplane Tour’. The blimp was placed 800ft high to show the intrepid pilot where to land and also to advertise the event.

It seems that the whole of the town turned out en mass to see Llanelli’s first aerial visitor, as word of the event must have reached the ears of every Llanellyite. The crowds gathered around Stradey and Pembrey Road to such a mass that the local tram service had to be abandoned."

     To read the rest of this article, just click on the title above.
Editor's Note: I thank Lyn John for alerting me to this very valuable addition to his story.

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