Elena Samsonova
Elena Samsonova
Courtesy of Dolnikov Miron , 11-29-06

via email from Dave Lam, 9-29-03
Elena Samsonova: Russian, 4th woman to receive a Russian license (#167, 25 Aug 1913) at Imperial Moscow Aviation Association Flying School. Born 1890. Automobile racer before taking up aviation. Trained by Lev Uspensky. Trained on a Farman. Medical Student at outbreak of war in 1914-- Served as a nurse, and as a General's driver. Flew in 5th Corps Air Detachment of the Imperial Air Force as reconnaissance pilot. Removed from flight duties by commander, who thought she was an inadequate pilot. After the revolution, joined the 26th Corps Air Detachment as spotter and reconnaissance pilot. Later became sports and physical education instructor. Died 1958.

Elena Samsonova died in 1958.
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