Collection of Stanley Walsh, 4-12-07
William G. Schauffler
William G. Schauffler
Collection of Mike O'Neal, 5-17-07
  Here is an excerpt from one of his letters from France.
Thanksgiving 1917

     "Last year I flew from Newport News to Hampton and landed at the golf club and had lunch with the Rousers, and I sure thought that was some stunt. Our pictures were in the papers and it was a great stunt."
     Ah! A lead...Nov. 1916...what newspaper? etc.

     This may have been written to an Aunt Ray who was editing the family newsletter or to a Mrs. Robinson with whom Billy roomed while flying at Atlantic Coast Aero Station.

A letter dated December 2, 1917, First Aero Squadron, S.C. AEF reads:
"My dear Julia and all other Robinsons,"
Later he refers to a Margaret Temple.... also he writes...
"Tell Eileen and Bently they're due for some writing."

     Billy Schauffler received orders to active duty April 2, 1917...4 days before US declared war on Germany. First posted to Ft. Sam Houston then to the First Aero Sqdn. for movement overseas...they were still in Columbus NM.
     My focus on Newport News is because he mentions sending pictures in his letters to the Robinson family.

     Again thanks for the great response. I will keep you posted re my progress in editing Billy's letters. This "project" is sometimes on the back burner.

Request for Help
Dear Visitors:
     If you can help Stanley with his project, please contact him with any relevant information. Perhaps you recognize some of the names which are mentioned in the collection of documents. Perhaps you will have an idea as to which newspaper to search for the story of the Newport News to Hampton flight in 1916. If you will send your message to me, I will be happy to forward it to him. Thank you very much.

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