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via email from Dave Lam, 4-1-06
     Assuming that he was a licensed pilot, which by 1911 should have been required, there is only one possibility.
     The first German licensed by the name of Schmidt was license # 75, Erich Schmidt, who got his license on 27 March 1911. At the time of getting his license, he was listed as being a businessman.
     The second Schmidt licensed was license # 253, Richard Schmidt, who got his license on 12 July 1912, which was after the date of this crash.
     Thus, I suspect that the crash on 16 February 1912 at Berlin was Erich Schmidt.
Editor's Note: I thank Dave for offering this identification of "The German aviator, Schmidt." as mentioned below in the newsclipping.

Fall Kills German Aviator
The Daily Times,
Chattanooga, Tenn., February 17, 1912
Transcribed by Bob Davis - 3-30-06
Berlin, Feb. 16. - The German aviator, Schmidt, died today from the effects of a fall of 100 feet while he was flying yesterday in his biplane. The cause of the accident was the breaking of the elevating rudder.

Schmidt was killed in a crash on February 16, 1912.
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