via email from Barbara Sellers, 8-17-09

Hi Ralph,
I finished the book on Matthew "A Moment in Time" and it goes to the publisher on Friday. The book will be out on November 15th-30th. It is right now 576 pages and contains over 300 pictures, lab notes, diagrams and correspondence in JPEG files plus his diary. The book will be an 8.5 x 11 in paperback and hardcover soon to follow.

I designed a website the other day and you can access it by going to:

Hope you like it. The products page is not done yet, as I have not received the final cover for the book yet. I will also be selling his original diaries on a DVD, in which I photographed all of his diaries and taking 4 hours and 1048 pictures. There will be a replica of his quadraplane also.

Barbara Sellers

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