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Fledgling EBs Introduced to Society Old-Timers

     From the Secretary of the Early Birds there comes to Chirp a series of thumbnail sketches of some of the new members, taken into the organization since the last issue of this infamous sheet.
     Howard M. Shafer is manager of the Rochester, N. Y., airport. He dates back to 1912, but Phil Rader officially soloed him in a JN4 at Buffalo, June 17, 1916. A distant cousin of Charles B. Niles, Pioneer loop and upside-down flier, Shafer got an idea on how things worked from Bleriots, Curtisses and Elbridge two-cycle engines. He helped Glenn Curtiss revise the Langley tandem, and wound up flying tricky wartime ships at Langley Field and Dayton.
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Aviation in Rochester
Aviation in Rochester

by Howard Mason Shafer
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pdf file: 26 pages
Publisher: Rochester Historical Society, 1936
     This article was published by The Rochester Historical Society in their Publication Fund Series, Vol. XIV. It was compiled by the late Edward R. Foreman, Chairman of the Publication Committee, and edited under the authority of the Board of Managers, John Arthur Jennings, President. It was published by the Society in MCMXXXVI.
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Aviation in Rochester

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  In March 1974 we received a letter from Mrs. Ruth S. Fleisher of Homestead, Florida saying that her Father, Howard M. Shafer died December 29, 1973 after a brief illness at the age of 80.
     His birth date was August 30, 1893 at Williamson, N.Y. From 1912 to about 1916 he was with Glenn Curtiss at Hammondsport and Buffalo, N.Y. His solo date was June 17, 1916.
     He was developer and manager of the airport in Rochester, N.Y. until 1941, when he was appointed Director of Airports for the City of Philadelphia. In 1946 he went to Avoca Airport to build and manage that airport which serves the Wilkes- Barre and Scranton, Pennsylvania area. He remained there until his retirement in 1964 when he move to Homestead, Florida.
     His wife Florence C. Shafer died a few months prior to his death, leaving Mrs. Fleisher as his only survivor.
From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP
January 1974, Number 81

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